Climate change news

Amusing tales of Stern thrashing and water in the boots of Nat Geo and generally a spot of double speak

At ... is actually more to do with a new book by Ferdinand Banks, 'Energy and Economic Theory' (2013) World Scientific: London, New York and Singapore, but bearing in mind this is written by an economics professor it is very revealing. One has to wonder where Tony Blair, or one his cohorts dredged up the man, no doubt commissioned to write a review to an already accepted agenda. No wonder there are so many sceptics out there.

When Egypt was green and wonderful but where did all that wildlife go?

At ... concerns the use of Egyptian dynastic art and inscriptions to show how much wildlife once abounded in the region, a survival from the Green Sahara of the early to mid Holocene. Most of that wildlife has gone, aided and abetted by human interference.

Frankenstein and the food you eat

American bloggers tend to think the EPA and other federal agencies are swamped by an environmentalist soup and yet fracking has taken off big time over there and within a few years the States will be energy independent - to the heartache of the likes of Venezuela and their supporters over here. The Great Satan is indeed a devious collection of people as Obama, in spite of his Green credentials, has given the go-ahead to a new pipeline to bring Shale Oil from Canada to the States.

Willie Soon - his kneck is well above the parapet

At ... there is a post on Willie Soon that has gravitated elsewhere around the blogs. He is a climate scientist that dared to disagree with CAGW mainstream consensus prognostications and as such, he has been attacked personally and relentlessly and is generally regarded as a heretic of the one true faith - co2 climate alarmism. His detractors did not discuss the science he proposed - it was largely ignored. He was considered a thorn in the flesh of the environmentalist message, a socio political derived theory rather than a fact based theory.

Global warming in the heat wave

At ... with a headline like that you wouldn't think the alarmists were associating July temperatures in central Europe and eastern N America with CAGW - but any whiff of warmth and they pounce on it, like a black hole in a dust bowl. Joe Bastardi's saturday summary, however, puts the whole globe into perspective, and satellite data shows conclusively July temperatures are below normal.

Oily palms and twitchy fingers

Andrew Neil's interview of Energy and Climate Secretary, Ed Davey, on July 14th, provoked a predictable backlash by outraged CAGW elements - accusing him of aiding and abetting (climate deniers) and so forth. The vitriol heaped on Neil and the programme came in shovel loads - especially at The Guardian and its blog, hosted by Dana Nuccitelli, a rather excitable fellow. Most sceptic web sites that bothered to report the original interview (it has now gone ballistic) considered it a rather tame affair - and Davey really got off lightly.

There is a change in the weather

The BBC tonight have been telling us that thunderstorms are on the way and the jet stream is about to revert. At Piers Corbyn's web site he has been forecasting a cool end to July for some weeks - see and (WANews13No28.pdf). The Jet Stream looped above northern Scotland as a result of a recent Earth facing CME event. It has now shifted below southern Britain - back to the position it held prior to that CME. Is this the kind of 'climate change' the alarmists are fond of ranting about?

The book that shook the German speaking world

This is Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Luning, 'Die Kalte Sonne' (the cold Sun). It has now been published in English under the title 'The Neglected Sun'. In this, two formerly staunch CAGW scientists took a breath and decided climate models have been hopelessly distorted by the IPCC and their environmentalist bedfellows. Interestingly, they do not dispute that co2 causes warming - it is the degree of that warming that concerns them (and the way climate science virtually ignores the role of the Sun).

Hospitals and Power Cuts

With the closure of some coal and nuclear power stations the fear of power cuts is getting some politicos worried - civils disorder in prospect. Perhaps. Richard North puts it into perspective - in reality its all a bit different to the MSM hype - see

Allan Chapman

I picked up a book in a hospital second hand shop (proceeds used to finance the bits and pieces around the wards) by Allan Chapman. Scanning through the first few pages I decided it was well worth £2 of my money. When I got home the Introduction was even better. He claims humans are instinctively religious and if one lives in a culture in which public religious belief is absent, or derided, much as the modern Western world, then people will make up their own mythologies from whatever is at hand.