Climate change news

Peter Warlow said it - confirmed by Chiefio

At ... this post is reminiscent of a talk Peter Warlow gave to the SIS at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill in April 2009, concerning greenhouse gases, greenhouses, and the atmosphere (that leaks). Warlow was a research physicist and EM Smith (chiefio) has his fingers in a lot of pies - but they both reach a similar conclusion. The atmosphere cannot contain the heat.

Soggy British Weather

At ... climate scientists and meteorologists from the Met Office had a meeting a couple of days ago. They were somewhat bemused by all the soggy weather it would seem, last year and the year before. Too early to say what it is going to be like this year but by the looks of things the Jet Stream is so far south that we are above and beyond its wet reach. Basically, the weather over the last few years has not conformed with the models - I wonder why that is?

Cracks in CAGW

A survey of Antarctic ice shelves has discovered that ice dissolving from underneath accounted for 55 per cent of shelf loss from 2003 to 2008. Ice shelves fringe 75 per cent of Antarctica (Science, June 14th 2013). It turns out that it is sea water, even if it is just above freezing point, that drives ice melt - not the temperature. Ice shelves melt from the bottom before they form ice bergs -see

Dr Strangelove science

The mad scientist is active and kicking at the boundaries of reason. Dr Strangelove is interferring in nature - for the human good. Of course. At ... we learn that large scale experiments where scientists spray iron into the waters around Antarctica, literally fertilising phytoplankton, have instead, as a side effect, created man-made algal blooms.

Fretting about cattle drinking water, fretting about water falling out of the sky

At ... is a guest post by one Alex Cull, based on Stephen Emmott's odd book, Ten Billion, where reference is made to the amount of water required to produce food. In this instance, beef from cattle (or in easy logistics, per beefburger, on the assumption lots of the population eat lots of beefburgers, although why that should be so is not disclosed). It claims 3000 litres of water are consumed to make a single beefburger - and incredibly, 27,00 litres are required to make a bar of chocolate.

Men Made Earthquakes

For some reason the ladies get away without blame - but then again, its only a word. Alfred de Grazia's web site has a post on men made earthquakes - due to mining and extraction - go to

Can the Moon change our climate?

This post was sent from ... Joanne asks the question. Meanwhile, Piers Corbyn at thinks the Moon does affect the climate as his monthly forecasts are based on solar and lunar orbits and cycles. They appear to work, in the main, but sometimes they are thrown out by earth facing coronal mass ejections (sun spots).


At ... in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Russian researchers say the seriousness of the Chernobyl nuclear accident has been highly exaggerated by vested interests (presumably a reference to environmentalists in the West). Once again, we see that 'non-western' science is in many ways superior to the kind of diet we are being fed in Europe and N America. Thirty five years after Chernobyl and this exaggerated response is still potent in the West in spite of lots of evidence contrary to the doomsaying.

The Arctic currents in the Ice Age

At ... new evidence suggests the Arctic Ocean was circulating much the same as it is now during the last Ice Age - how can this be if the northern hemisphere was covered in a massive ice sheet and the Arctic was locked in ice?