Climate change news

Temperature Proxies

A timely reminder that tree rings, ice cores, and speleotherms, which are all used to reconstruct climate in the past by geologists as much as climate scientists, are not as reliable as sometimes projected - see

Sacrilege ... an environmental solution that requires more cattle ruminating, manuring, trampling, and providing more meat in the diet of ordinary people

At ... Anthony has become rather excited by a video from a TED talk by an environmental scientist and biologist who has worked around the world, especially in Africa, in what he says has been a largely vain attempt to halt the spread of desertification of savannah grassland habitats.

Snow in March, lag in Global Warming

Lots of the white stuff in the air this weekend - Europe takes another cold snap in its stride but climate change disciples are adamant - the world is warming up (that's not snow that's a warm blanket).

At ... an old post but it just goes to show it's all a case of do what we say and not what we do, and behind the show of hands all things are not so hunky dory.


At ... it is claimed that maize was the key to the first civilisations known from Peru, in the third millennium BC. This discovery, by painstaking probing of the ground, seems to overturn the otherwise popular assumption that civilisation started on the coast in cultures where marine resources were the prime focus, and only later adopted farming, which caused their populations to escalate.

It's the Weather not the Climate

If you think it has been cold in the UK, or in the Mid West, over the last week or so, and then grab a load of this at .... which is a reference to Oymyakon in Siberia where a temperature reading of minus -71 degrees Celsius has been recorded. Meanwhile, the BBC, with its insistence on chilly rather than freezing cold has yet to mention the IPCC chairman has admitted there has been no warming over recent years (from whatever variant from 17 to 0).

Breaking Wind

At ... farting cows are the target of a cattle feed company hoping to make a few pennies from CAGW. Carbon credits to punish farmers, or reward them with higher costing feedstuff, as a result of cows breaking wind. Instead, they aim to sell them a product made of corn, soy, lupin, and linseed designed to make them less windy under the tail. Needless to say the company hopes to make a blast - but what about the cows and their bellies. Nature is.

Volcanoes and cold weather

At ... volcanoes may be a key to the Ice Ages, is being suggested in a new paper in the journal Geosphere. Actually, they feel that Earth's repeated flip flops between warmth and cold over millions of years may be driven by episodic flare-ups of volcanoes at key locations where enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. Hence, the hypothesis has the requisite reference to global warming but it is interesting if volcanoes really were triggered at particular times in the past.

You've heard of mad scientists - how about mad ... (well, have a look for yourself)

Over at ... we have the wise words of CAGW adherents; mainly Malthusians, politicians and environmentalists - and the good chappie Sir John Houghton (much maligned by the late Peter Warlow). One strand of global warming hysterics has always been about redistribution of wealth from developed countries to undeveloped countries.

Beenstock and the giant in the ointment

A paper a few weeks ago has rattled the troughers as George the Man and fellow sharp cronies have funded a sharp rebuke - not so much a rebuke but an illustration of the problem itself, an assumption that a paper written in 1896 was in all ways correct when it made no mention of water vapour or clouds, or the amtospheric shift between the equatorial and the polar, yet is considered gospel - as in the bees knees.

Snowing on Antarctica

Two posts on a German blog today are interesting. In the first we have a Swedish climate scientist say that global warming has been so insignificant over the last 100 years nobody would have noticed if it wasn't for the meteorologists.