Climate change news

Ozone and Jet Streams

At ... apparently, ozone levels influence the southern hemisphere jet stream - but not the northern hemisphere jet stream. This rather strange finding is even more bizarre when one realises they have ignored the role of the solar wind and how it effects jet stream movement. Piers Corbyn, for example, seems to think the jet stream is affected by solar and lunar cycles, closer to the Arctic circle in some circumstances, and somewhat below at others.

Funny Thing Happened in India

Here is a bit of humour from the pen of a journalist in India - go to ... and comes from Jug Suraiya writing for The Times of India. If you like your humour in cartoons and pictures and having a laugh at the Met is up your street - go to

Doric columns

At ... the thoughts of Moncton on Doric columns and their relationship with climate change should not be missed if you like a touch of humour with your science. In another post at the site a paper on temperatures during the Eemian, the last interglacial period, around 128,000 years ago, as they are discerned from Greenland ice cores, is worth reading - and most especially some of the comments that follow.

Microbes in the Clouds

At ... it all sounds a bit like the theory of Wickramasinghe and Hoyle a few years ago but it seems microbes have been found in clouds. The question is - what do they do? We are told they make them more reflective and inhibit precipitation. The paper is published this month in PNAS (DOI:10.1073/pnas.1205743110)

Climate debate hotting up

As we continue to enter the cool 30 year part of the 60 year cycle the debate is hotting up. Here is a video that might interest some - go to

It was just a 'cold' medieval warm period

I noticed this at ... In a look back at 2012 archaeology we read that the beer loving Vikings that settled on Greenland in the medieval era grew barley - in spite of the cold climate. Well, it was the Medieval Warm Period and the Vikings had farms on Greenland where ice now prevails. Why didn't the BBC wallahs make the connection - it was warm in the 11th century AD. Apparently, BBC policy cannot admit of this and so it was cold - yet the farmers still grew barley. 

'Poley' Bears and the Poles

Polar Bears, or 'poley' bears as one commenter insists on calling them, was a feature of CAGW exposed by Christopher Booker in one of his write-ups in 2009, where he reiterates most of what other sceptics have been saying for several years prior to that. To illustrate the media driven doomsaying Booker points out that only some polar bear scientists were acceptable to the inner core of climate science (in bed with media). Other specialists were excluded as they did not bring bad news - polar bears in decline, drowning, resorting to eating each other, etc.

Unsustainable Green Energy

At (and variously or ... we learn the wind turbines have a very short life - between 10 and 15 years. After that they are economically useless - and this is only a review of onshore wind farms in the UK and Denmark. Offshore wind turbines are even more difficult to maintain - more costly all round to operate and therefore even more economically unsustainable.

Leaks and pre-empting the inevitable

A sometimes contributor at, one Alec Rawle, a reviewer of the IPCC papers in progress for the forthcoming IPCC Report on the 'state of the climate as envisaged by the current batch of climate crop on parade and the various activist groups lurking in the background, has leaked the documents in draft format, prior to polishing and re-engineering what the scientists may nor may not be saying. The leak, he claims, was necessary as the IPCC system will ultimately lead to a distortion of the contents, with an emphasis on the human element.

Rain, water out of the sky, and even more rain

Paul Simon's column in The Times, 'Weather Eye', is always worth a read. Commenting on the recent flooding, following a so called drought last winter (a lower than average rainfall) the late spring, summer and autumn in the UK have been extremely wet, so much so it has been dispiriting to gardeners and the outdoor pursuits in general - even postmen. Reservoirs are swishing with so much water the BBC refuses to mention it in case we remember all that scare mongering they were broadcasting just a few months ago.