Climate change news

Is there warming or not?

Tall Bloke gives an airing to somebody who is sure that the greenhouse effect is real - see ... is worth reading - and thinking about.

Ozone depletion and its relationship to the solar wind

There were Green inspired planetary scares long before the CAGW meme kicked in, fanned by doomsayers that appear to have taken on the mantle formerly held by the fire and brimstone people. One of these was ozone depletion. Some years ago it was discovered ozone was dispersed by the solar wind and there was not really an ozone hole but a redistribution of the gas away from the poles - which is where the solar wind impacts.

Alaska ice free 17,000 years ago

This story has a direct correlation with the previous one as it provides the means for human migration into North America quite a bit earlier than previously allowed. This has been forced on science as there is no doubt now that humans were living in Chile and Peru as early as 1450 years ago, whereas the old consensus, Clovis First, insisted humans could not have entered the continent that early. The story can be seen at ...

When the Antarctic was somewhat warmer than it is now

At ... not so long ago, just a mere 15 to 20 million years ago, temperatures were some eleven degrees celsius warmer than today. Not enough to go skinny dipping but enough to get climate scientists hot and bothered. The climate in the mid-Miocene was warmer and wetter than it is nowadays and paleoclimatologists think this is evidence of global warming all those many years ago - but is it?

Latter Day Indulgences

Bringing the Canterbury Tales up to date, with a touch of humour and a smidgeon of Chaucer, Dr Tim Ball compares carbon credits to church indulgences. Funny up-take on a not so funny subject. Here is the heart of CAGW - in the raw. Greed is the root of all evils (from a commenter) and it was indulgences that ultimately led to the Reformation (another commenter). Funny coincidence but over here in the UK we have a well known member of the Church Synod feeding at the trough of renewable subsidies (among others of course but they are atheists or agnostic by creed).

Biosphere issues ... a never ending sink of bad news

NASA satellite data has been used in a study to assess vegetation growth and crop potential across the world - big brother is watching you (and especially those nasty farmers). The piece can be seen at and is the result of Josh Fisher looking at 19 years of data from NASA and government agency NOAA. It plots where sparse nutrients occur, mainly a lack of nitrogen or phosphorus, which reduces productivity and crop potential, as well as natural vegetation growth and well being.

Climate Science in the future

Climate science is increasingly looking at the Sun, the solar wind, and influence of the planets - see ... even levels of ozone at the Poles is thought to have a connection with the Sun and the solar wind as they impinge on the earth system - see

Climate Fools Day

Piers Corbyn at (news, Oct 27th) is inviting anyone interested to attend the Houses of Parliament on wednesday Oct 31st, at 12.30 for a discussion between 1 and 3pm in the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, Parliament Buildings (entrance on the embankment) for a meeting open to the public sponsored by Danny Wilson MP and Graham Stringer MP

Tale of a French philosopher

The tale of a French philosopher who got right up the nose of the greenies is at and following this we have a take on the noble Donna Laframbois, the Canadian kicker of all things IPCC, mercilessly bringing them to task over the last few years and writing a best seller on the shenanigans behind the scenes.