Climate change news

Climate Swings

As the Met Office got it wrong again - twice as much rain fell as they predicted (a day or two prior to the flooding) our old friend Piers Corbyn at June News section is raucously claiming he had it right (and predicted it weeks ahead). The anti-AGW blaster is now saying the reason the Jet Stream is so far south is because the Earth is cooling - quite different from the Met Office line on the low lying Jet Stream.

Broken hockey sticks

Andrew Montford outlines what some recent activity at Climate Audit might mean - see (and the comments to these kind of posts are just as important as the few paragraphs that set up the response). The Mann made hockey stick was a northern hemisphere affair. We now seem to have a southern hemisphere concoction. Some 27 proxy records were used, and another 35 were looked at and rejected as unsuitable.

Baby, it's cold outside

It may be the coldest June weekend for 80 + years as far as Sweden is concerned (see yesterday) but it's getting warmer on the propaganda side as we approach the Rio summit  - a rash of scare stories from the journals. They are blooming ... you know, just like before the last summit. Was it Copenhagen or Acapulco. No, it was Durban. Nearly forgot that one as it was nearly off the radar. Just another sunny spot out of the ill winds of the climate chill - and all that water pouring out of the sky.


At ... an unusual post as far as subject is concerned. Andi Cockroft wonders aloud about paleo-climate as it seems Theresa Cole (see ColeTheresaN2011MSc.pdf) recently produced a graph that purports to depict an observed fall in global annual mean atmospheric pressure since 1916. This led to the dinosaurs and the idea they would not be able to fly nowadays as they are too heavy to get lift off from the ground. Were they helped by denser air? Denser air probably means a higher air pressure than today.

Joan Feynman

Joan Feynman is the sister of the better known Richard Feynman and she works at NASA JPL, the space research centre - see

Weather extremes, the new CAGW punch line

As global warming is stalled and is clearly not happening at the moment but instead the world is getting quite a bit of snow in winters - you know, the stuff our grandchildren would never see in their lifetimes. Quite unlike the last 30 years or so when it seemed the climate really was warming, a bit, there must be something causing the white stuff to drop out of the sky - it can't be low solar activity because the big orb in the sky doesn't really do anything, or so we are told (and co2 is what matters). Hence, we have weather weirding - and co2 is yes, the culprit.

Over the last 10,000 years it has been warmer than today 65 per cent of the time ...

That is, according to Dr Gernot Patzelt of the University of Innsbruck (see Glaciers in the Alps have grown and retreated on a number of occasions. Forests existed at elevations higher than they do today. A similar pattern emerges from glaciers in the Russian Altai.

The Yamal tree rings - caught fiddling?

For an overview of this important breaking news go to Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford) as he has written a 10 page erudite article that is well worth printing out and keeping as a reference tool to remind yourself of the kind of manipulation the Team at the heart of CAGW are prepared to do for the sake of keeping what they believe in alive and kicking and at the same time, suppressing what has really been going on in the natural world at large - see

Solar Flares ... and Octopussy

At ... in 1859 Richard Carrington spotted a peculiar sun spot and drew and plotted some intensely bright patches that he was flash through his telescope. A huge solar flare had erupted in the direction of the Earth and 12 hours later there was a massive auroral storm. Electro-magnetic gusts enveloped the globe and it seems the newly emergent telegraph system was able to work without batteries - there was so much electricity in the atmosphere.

New light on flawed data ... steve is back with a bang

Steve McIntyre has been off-colour as well as concentrating on business issues and all has been quiet - but today his web site is alight ... see and please trawl the comments. An FOI  request made months ago has produced results at last - and CRU have been caught in the act of making the data fit the facts, not the facts of real life but the facts of the CAGW belief system. It's a bonus on top of lots of other stuff going on to bring CAGW into disrepute.