Climate change news

Windmills bursting into flames

This is meant to be tongue in cheek as it seems those dratted windmills don't like it too windy. Generally, they are switched off when the wind starts blowing too hard, but electricity consumers still have to pay the operators of the windmills whether they are working or not, which is a nice little earner, or subsidy, if you can grab a piece of the pie.

Is water vapour really a greenhouse gas?

A post at January 15th 'Outgoing vs Land vs Water Vapour' makes you wonder if it is all a hall of mirrors and the greenhouse effect is science that has underrated the role of the Solar Wind and how it interacts with the atmosphere of the Earth. The post by EM Smith is an attempt to understand how water vapour, and other greenhouse gases, might cause warming. What he found was actual surface temperatures are in rough equilibrium with actual solar input - something denied categorically by the Team of climate scientists at the core of CAGW. 

Lamb on Ice

HH Lamb on the Ice Age, from chapter 6 of 'Climate History and the Modern World' made some interesting points on the landscape and the fauna illustrated on cave paintings, which as far as Europe was concerned was quite different to what thrived there during the Holocene (since 9500BC). There were mammoths, rhinoceros and horse for example, all mammals that were herbivores and relied on vegetation for sustenance. How much vegetation is a contentious point, and can tie people up in knots - but usually the subject is simply ignored.

What a lot of That

On January 7th Anthony Watts passed a significant milestone, the number of visits to his site reached 100,000,000 - yes, that was 100 million hits - see and

Velikovsky gets a mention ...

Velikovsky gets a mention in a climate change post at (see also the comments) not so much for his hypothesis but for the way he was slapped down by the 'consensus' scientists of the day. This is then compared to the attitude of modern science, a generalisation, has for anyone stepping out of the group line on CAGW.

Real temperatures and Model temperatures

Some excellent posts on the rising differentials between real world temperatures and those of the climate models - the gap is growing by the week. Meanwhile, modellers are desperate to thwart the reality of a cool summer in South Africa and Australia and an impending blizzard sweeping across the US by claiming we are in an unusually warm year - and nobody believes them anymore.

Liquid co2 occurs in puddles on the sea bed ... is this bottoming the scare?

A fascinating piece of sleuthing that has uncovered reports of liquid co2 on the ocean bottom and these have an origin in 'white smokers' - vents near mid ocean ridges and plate boundaries that spew out while columns of fluids, water containg compounds of barium, calcium and silicon, and blobs of liquid co2 - see Potentially, this is capable of blowing away the current super scare story -ocean acidification.

Mann as opposed to Lamb

At is a guest post by Tony Brown which compares Mann's version of the Little Ice Age with that of Hubert Lamb, and makes use of various scribbles by Brian Fagan in the process. Warning - it is a very long read. However, it is also worth downloading to keep as it is so comprehensive - some 20 + pages of text. In his conclusion he notes Lamb used a variety of sources for his temperature analysis of the past 1000 years whereas Mann used proxies that were limited in comparison.

Climategate 2 rumbles on ...

At we learn that climate catastrophe is changing gear and slowing down - and this piece looks at the influence of Han Joachim Schellnhuber, a German physicist highly influential in CAGW and the founder of the Potsdam climate research unit, an advisor to the EU commission and buddy boys with the likes of Angela Merkel and Tony Blair. He seems to have instilled a lot of scary stuff into the polemic of politicians right across Europe.

Climategate 2 ... even the Taurids get an airing

George Howard at discusses an email in the cache from Mike Baillie, a reviewer of an article that was denying a cosmic connection in contrast to his own theory. He makes no pretence of who he is and attempts to argue against the volcanic explanation. Its an interesting take on the peer review process.