Climate change news

Real temperatures and Model temperatures

Some excellent posts on the rising differentials between real world temperatures and those of the climate models - the gap is growing by the week. Meanwhile, modellers are desperate to thwart the reality of a cool summer in South Africa and Australia and an impending blizzard sweeping across the US by claiming we are in an unusually warm year - and nobody believes them anymore.

Liquid co2 occurs in puddles on the sea bed ... is this bottoming the scare?

A fascinating piece of sleuthing that has uncovered reports of liquid co2 on the ocean bottom and these have an origin in 'white smokers' - vents near mid ocean ridges and plate boundaries that spew out while columns of fluids, water containg compounds of barium, calcium and silicon, and blobs of liquid co2 - see Potentially, this is capable of blowing away the current super scare story -ocean acidification.

Mann as opposed to Lamb

At is a guest post by Tony Brown which compares Mann's version of the Little Ice Age with that of Hubert Lamb, and makes use of various scribbles by Brian Fagan in the process. Warning - it is a very long read. However, it is also worth downloading to keep as it is so comprehensive - some 20 + pages of text. In his conclusion he notes Lamb used a variety of sources for his temperature analysis of the past 1000 years whereas Mann used proxies that were limited in comparison.

Climategate 2 rumbles on ...

At we learn that climate catastrophe is changing gear and slowing down - and this piece looks at the influence of Han Joachim Schellnhuber, a German physicist highly influential in CAGW and the founder of the Potsdam climate research unit, an advisor to the EU commission and buddy boys with the likes of Angela Merkel and Tony Blair. He seems to have instilled a lot of scary stuff into the polemic of politicians right across Europe.

Climategate 2 ... even the Taurids get an airing

George Howard at discusses an email in the cache from Mike Baillie, a reviewer of an article that was denying a cosmic connection in contrast to his own theory. He makes no pretence of who he is and attempts to argue against the volcanic explanation. Its an interesting take on the peer review process.

Climategate 2

Another batch of emails has been released that add to and provide clarity to those emails released in 2009 shortly before the Copenhagen 'climate' feasting event. There is now another huge batch of emails trapped in cyberspace that cannot as yet be opened until the person responsible for the leak provides the password. The latest batch coincides with the upcoming Durban binge where the weather should be more agreeable than it was in Copenhagen - who can forget those fortuitous snow storms.

Arctic Warming

One of the big scaremongering stories in recent years has revolved around the warming summer waters of the Arctic Ocean - as a result of warm surface water perculating around the ocean conveyor belt system transferring warm tropical waters into the far north. What the fond of cuddling up to AGW people fail to tell the public is that the Arctic Ocean has warmed up before - quite recently. Naval logs from the RN, for example, record this happening in the first half of the 19th century, and Hubert Lamb reported on this occurring in the 1930s.

BEST on the fizzle

More on BEST and how it was collated, see with a hint there is a calibration problem in the methodology. The same subject is examined in an earlier post, the day before, at which is the nub of the problem.

Global Warming on New York and BEST is not best after all

On a weekend in October in which snow fell out of the sky, described by one journalist 'as sort of like a blizzard' on parts of the US, including New York (more sleet here than snow so my sources over there say) and so too has the BEST 'global warming is proven' meme been more or less taken to pieces by its co-author Judith Curry, the principle climate scientist involved in the BEST research. Her view is that warming has been flat for at least a decade. In spite of rising co2 levels warming is not happening - and the snow in the States is proof of the pudding.

A soothing sort of sceptic rather than a contankerous one

An interesting post on communication - the difference between being a sceptic and an AGW true believer, on the one hand, and how each side shouts but fails to persuade. Neither side listens to the other - should the language be calmer, it is asked at and is something to think about. The bit he misses out though is not that sceptics are more intuitive than the other side but they are primarily older - middle aged and above.