Comet Hartley2

3 Dec 2010

The NASA web site had a collection of images as Deep Impact approached Comet Hartley2 and locked its cameras onto the comet nuclei. At there is a short piece written in the lead up to the encounter between spacecraft and comet. When it was some 12 million miles from earth Comet Hartley2 NASA meteorite experts claimed debris interacted with the atmosphere of the earth as there was a shower of fireballs on November 2nd and 3rd. The comet dust could be seen as a brown/red tail fanning from behind the comet while it sported a vivid green coma. If a dust trail some 12 million miles in length could produce fireballs in the skies above the earth what might a close encounter with a comet have involved - and close, in that context, might be hundreds of thousands of miles away. This appears to be the kind of thing imagined by Moe Mandelkehr in his various articles in SIS journals and in his book, The 2300BC Event (volume One) Denver: 2006.