Comet Ison ... Lots of Dust

23 May 2013

At ... an image from the guts of Comet ISON - a jet blasting dust particles off the sunward facing side of the Comet's coma. A lot of expectations are riding on this comet - some say it will be as bright as a full moon. We shall see come November. It's also a great test for the Electric Comet hypothesis, possibly even a make or break piece of theatre. It is also worth remembering that dust blasted from comets is central to the Clube and Napier hypothesis too - and the periodic formation of dense streams of debris that inter-acted with the Earth, one of which caused the Younger Dryas Event (as a filip, or add-on, to wet the taste beds come November). See yesterday's post on the PNAS paper that mentioned increased dust levels in the atmosphere.