Electromagnetism news

Big Solar Event 660BC

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/03/12/monster-solar-storm-that-hit-eart... ... scientists have found evidence of a large blast of radiation that struck the Earth in 660BC. Solar proton particles were involved and it has been compared to the AD775/6 event. Some Japanese scientists blamed the latter on perhaps the Earth passing through the coma of a comet, an idea that received no traction from other scientists. Both events were significantly more powerful than the 19th century Carrington event.


William also sent in a couple of other links. At https://phys.org/print470892440.html ... it has been found that asteroids do not break up as easily as scientists had anticipated - and it requires a lot more energy for it to happen. Hollyood bozos won't be able to save the world in quite the way it has been depicted on the movies. It requires a lot of energy to shatter a large asteroid.


Robert sent in several links. The first one is to www.everythingselectric.com/eie-100/ .... and concerns the large storms seen  erupting on the Sun recently, flinging material at speeds of over 3000kms a second, a massive shock wave, and phenomena known as herringbones. The shape of the fish skeleton emerged when they plotted the frequencies of radio waves as a CME evolved (more than one CME was studied). The spine is a kind of emission at a constant frequency. The verticle offshoot bones on either side were sudden bursts of radiation at a much wider range of frequencies.

Solar Prominences

One tends to think in terms of the study of electro-magnetic prominences on the face of the Sun as a very recent affair but this is not so. They have a long history as astronomers have been looking at these prominences in telescopes for generations. For example, in the Astrophysical Journal 149 (1967) page 269 ... we have an article by William I Thompson and Donald E Billings, 'Observations Bearing on the Kippenhahn-Schluter Quiescent Prominence Model' which deals directly with solar prominences.

Van Allen Belts

Gary sent in the link to https://phys.org/print468842446.html ... lightning's electro magnetic fields may have protective properties according to new research. There are some 2000 thunderstorms going on somewhere on Earth at any given time, we are told. Hence, humans and all living things have been bathed in low frequency electromagnetic fields since the year dot. The electro magnetic fields are however weak and difficult to detect. Not much notice was made of them by scientists - until recently.

Fusion development

At https://phys.org/print467607042.html ... fusion has just had a boost. Researchers at the US Dept of Energy (Princetown Plasma Research Laboratory) and the University of Washington, have devleoped a proto type device to control runaway plasma - or fusion reactions. An electro magnetic particle injector. It is a sort of nail gun we are told, that is able to fire high velocity projectiles from a pair of electrified rails into a plasma on the verge of disruption. It releases material into the centre of the plasma that radiates or spreads outwards.

Magnetic Poles

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/01/13/what-are-the-implications-for-cli... ... an interesting point made by climate scientist Tim Ball - what are the implications from climate of recent north magnetic pole activity?. It is wandering from Canada into Siberia. He begins by saying recent hype is another case of saying a normal event is abnormal. The magnetic pole is always moving.

Light Pillars

At http://spaceweather.com (13th January 2019) ... the image below was taken in New Hampshire in the US - colourful lights above a snow covered landscape ...



At https://www.electricuniverseuk.eu/videos/ ... your chance to view a couple of videos on the SAFIRE project. You can also buy or rent videos of all the talks at the 2018 EU UK conference (at the above link). It will set you back the princely sum of £12-99.

Electrified Sahara Dust

Interesting story sent in by Gary at www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6509427/Giant-dust-particles-Sah... ... large dust particles with an origin in the Sahara desert have been found in the Caribbean, 3500km away (2200 miles). They reach the UK on occasion, powdering parked cars in a yellow dust. Researchers have latched on to the fact such dust, and other aerosols in the atmosphere, do not figure greatly in climate models.