Electromagnetism news


Robert also sent in a link to https://phys.org/print464237850.html ... and asks, do tornadoes form in a process similar to lightning. That is, a downward propagating stepped leader and an upward moving streamer. Tornadoes might be a form of electrical discharge, he speculates. The link itself tells us that  it has generally been thought tornadoes rotation largely begins in storm clouds, creating a funnel that travels downwards. New research shows tornadoes seem to form from the ground upwards. A bit of a turnaround.

Eye of the Storm

Link provided by Robert courtesy of our old friend from Great Yarmouth, and his blog at 'Everything is Electric' - go to https://thedailyplasma.blog/2018/12/09/eye-of-the-storm-part-1/ ... the eye of the storm being a reference to the red spot on Jupiter. Andrew Hall, the blog author, claims Earth's geology and weather is a result of capacitance in Earth's electric circuit - and has written extensively in electric universe channels. Hall goes on to say, forget everything you read about in geology. It's wrong. Provably wrong.

Magnetic Reversals

In the early 20th century geologists became aware that certain rocks exhibited magnetism that was different in orientation from the current magnetic field of the Earth. It was mostly ignored as anything significant at the time mainly because it was not properly understood - or what it might imply. Eventually they acknowledged it was a signficant observation and that meant people tried to find out what it meant. A number of papers in the 1960s shed some light on the process by identifying polarity transitions in lava flows (igneous rocks) and sedimentary layers (sedimentary rocks).

Magnetic Reconnection

At Tall Bloke's talk shop 'Old Brew' (which sounds like a winter warmer such as Sadler's Peaky Blinder) has a post on magnetic reconnection - see https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/12/08/magnetic-reconnection-in-spac... ... magnetic reconnection in space - experiment and satellite sightings. A magnetic field is more of a trajectory than an actual entity in spite of being discussed as if it actually exists. They are found in space just as they are found in bar magnets (see https://brilliant.org/wiki/magnetic-field-lines/ ) ...

Magnetic Fields

Nice bit of writing at https://astrobites.org/2015/02/19/cool-stars-have-magnetic-fields-too/ ... 'consider, for example, the solar dynamo (dynamo is a fancy term for the thing that creates a magnetic field) ....'. Our Sun has complex magnetic fields which give rise to sun spots - but we do not understand the inner workings of the Sun's dynamo .... etc.

Magnetotail Explosions

Robert also sent in this link to the discovery of explosions in Earth's magnetic tail - buffetted by a stream of solar wind (but see earlier post at https://sis-group.org.uk/news/musical-wave.htm ). Go to www.gizmodo.co.uk/2018/11/spacecraft-witness-explosion-in-earths-magneti... ... which is derived from https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1809/1809.06932.pdf ... and the claim is that this is evidence of magnetic reconnection events. Robert says that what is really happening is that double layers are accelerating electrons (electron jets) etc.

Musical Wave

At http://spaceweather.com 23rd November 2018 ... musical waves in Earth's magnetic field (see also https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/11/23/our-quiet-sun-produces-musical-wa...) ...  our quiet Sun produces musical waves in Earth's magnetic field. A space weather observatory in Norway (above the Arctic Circle) has this week detected sine waves of exceptional purity rippling through Earth's polar magnetic field. For some reason the comments at the second link are not exactly impressed - but you can't please everyone.

Aurora Energy

At https://phys.org/print461478434.html ... the study of auroras has revealed a new way of understanding the physics of explosive energy released in space according to new research published in Nature Communications (although precisely what that might be is not forthcoming in the press release). The researchers come from Reading University and University College London. Somewhere in the huge volume of space into which Earth's magnetosphere stretches is a clue to that energy - and the authors set about finding it.

Plasma Instabilities

At http://spaceweather.com ... (November 14th, 2018). Radio lasers on Jupiter produced as a result of plasma instabilities - sounds almost like the EU. They are produced in the magnetosphere of Jupiter as a result of interaction with it's moon Io. In the normal course of events Jupiter's known radio emissions are weak by the time they reach the vicinity of the earth and only spacecraft in the vicinity of the planet can detect them.

Mountain Building

At https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016-05-11/arc-blast-part-1/ ... this subject popped up the other day in the study group meeting. I thought I would have a read - and the invitation is for anyone else to do the same. Make up your own mind. Andrew Hall chose electric processes around the poles to explain mountain building (or at least the pointy tops of mountains) which he says is decisive evidence of the EU theory.