Electromagnetism news

1972 and All That

At http://spaceweather.com (November 9th 2018) ... we have a story about space weather during the Vietnam war.  In 1972 a giant sun spot let loose with a blast of solar wind (plasma) in a series of X-class flares which caused radio black outs on Earth. One plasma plume, or CME, travelled between the Sun and the Earth in just 14.6 hours. This is in contrast to recent movements that take two to three days. The resulting geometric shower sparked auroras so bright they cast shadows in countries as far south as Britain.

Electrified Space Dust

At https://phys.org/print460636942.html ... electrically charged dust arranges itself in straight lines in the laboratory. Space dust is also electrically charged as it collects electrons from plasma gas - such as the solar wind. This was discovered in an experiment on the International Space Station where gravity is weaker that in an earth based laboritory. Nevertheless, dust also arranged itself in straight lines.

Valentina Zharkova

Benny Peiser introduces Valentina Zharkova at https://www.thegwpf.org/professor-valentina-zharkova-the-solar-magnetic-... .... in a talk (watch the video) on how the solar magnetic field may affect climate on the earth. She begins by telling us that sun spots are dark and cooler regions on the surface of the Sun. Basically, she is predicting a solar minumum and cool weather between 2020 and 2055. Is that one in the eye for the alarmists - or a case of alarmism at the opposite end of the spectrum (cooling instead of warming).

Fire in the Atlantic

Sent in by Robert. An interesting story at https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/144141/a-fire-in-the-middle-of-... ... the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer- Suite on the Suomi NPP satellite captured thermal anomalies off the coast of Brazil (in the South Atlantic). The thermal anomaly means an area flagged by the satellite as unusually warm. Most such anomalies captured by the satellite are fires but obviously there is no fire burning in the middle of an ocean. Natural gas flares also trigger thermal anomalies but they are only found in shallow water locations.

SIS Autumn Meeting

Slides from Bob Johnson's two talks at the September SIS speaker meeting are available to read on the web site in case anyone is unaware of how to view them. Simply click on the blue text on Autumn Meeting and the two links will pop up on the next page. The first talk concerns the differences between the Plasma Universe as espoused by the likes of Alfven and Perratt, and the Electric Universe as outlined at Thunderbolts web site.

Electron Rain

Another video - this time viewable at www.spaceweather.com (September 21st 2018). NASAs latest rocket into space has been a success, deploying the ICESat-2 which is designed to make 3D laser images of earth's surface in order to keep a tally on glaciers etc. However, a pair of tiny satellites were tucked into the rocket and also successfully deployed as well. They were built by students at UCLA's department of Planetary and Space Sciences - which are designed to monitor the ebb and flow of electrons around our planet.

Eric Lerner

Robert has sent in another link to a video. This time by Eric Lerner - the Big Bang Never Happened. Go to https://vimeo.com/97608525

Electric Bacteria

At https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-09/uoc--gbs091118.php ... bacteria that produce electricity have been found in mines and on the bottom of lakes. Now they have found it in the human gut. A common diarrhea causing bacterium, listaria monocytogenes, produces electrictiy in a way hundreds of other bacterial species do. Many of these bacterium are part of the human gut microbiome and amny cause the food releated illness, listeriusis - which can also cause miscarraiges. Other bacterium use electricity and can cause infections and gangrene.

Magnetic Waves

At https://phys.org/print456046461.html ... magnetic waves create chaos in star forming clouds. Stella Offner of the University of Texas in Austin has found that magnetic waves are an important factor driving the process of star formation within the enormous clouds that birth stars. The research is published in Nature Astronomy (September 2018).

SIS Autumn Speaker Meeting

This will inlcude Bob Johnson's talk, 'Why the Electric Universe isn't the same as the Plasma Universe and Why it Matters' ... which will be a two part presentation (with only one other speaker). There wil be breaks in between the 3 parts. Johnson's talk promises to be exciting as he will say the EU differs from the PU by the inclusion of i) recent planetary near collisions with Earth and another celestial body or bodies, ii) the Saturn theory, and iii) the anode sun model of Juergens, the electric sun.