Electromagnetism news

Equinox Cracks

At www.spaceweather.com (September 7th 2018) a fascinating claim. Two solar storms are striking the earth this weekend and in the next couple of days, each flowing from a distinct coronal hole in the Sun's atmosphere. Neither is expected to produce strong geometric storms.

Fungi Corona

Remarkable photograph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a huge cloud of mushroom spores as a result of a lawnmower blowing apart the fungi and filling the air to create the creating the corona affect - go to www.spaceweather.com September 8th 2018. It is incredible that fungi spores were able to make the colourful rings around the sun but many of us have seen coronas before. They apear when sunbeams hit small particles in the air, scattering and diffracting the light into rings of colour. Droplets of moisture in clouds commonly make coronas - but pollen from flowers can do the same thing.

STEVE not an Aurora

At http://spaceweather.com (Tuesday 21st August 2018) ... the solar wind has sparked auroral storms in the Arctic Circle. It is flowing from a wide coronal hole on the face of the Sun ...

Elve Giant

At www.spaceweather.com (Sunday 19th August 2018) - a giant elve over Russia. High above a thunderstorm in central Russia an enormous ring of light appeared in the night sky - caught on camera by Ilya Jonkowsky. Elves appear when a pulse of electro magnetic radiation from cloud to ground lightning propagates upwards towards the base of the ionosphere.


Tabloid Science

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/07/23/a-remarkable-essay-on-near-tabloi... ... refers to Judith Curry who has been doing some literature research for a new paper on climate science when she came across a paper by Carl Wunsch, oceanographer. It concerns paleo-oceanography and paleo-climatology. It occurred to me the list of faults aimed at the CAGW community could also perhaps be aimed at some of the electric universe hype.

Safire Project

Interview with Michael Clarage at the Bath EU UK conference - go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=2472y3OC6aw&feture=youtu.be

A Cracker

The Sun and lightning on Earth - sent in by William. How does the Sun's rotational cycle influence lightning activity on Earth? At https://phys.org/print451112646.html ... a research team in Japan has been looking at the Sun's rotation cycle and how it might influence lightning - going back to astronomical diaries  dating from the 18th century. We are also told (but don't tell the CAGW crowd) ...

Electro-magnetic spiders

I think I've already posted this one but it has popped up again at http://spaceweather.com (July 20th 2018) ... did you know spiders can fly? Obviously they can't - but they do have a most amazing way of elevating themselves and travelling long distances (from a spider's perspective). Biologists even have a word for the process - ballooning. Spiders can spin a strand of silk and as it juts into the air, off they go - flying. Originally, researchers thought they were riding currents of air - but it is not as simple as that.

Green Flash on Mars

At http://spaceweather.com ... (13th July 2018) a green flash on Mars as it is approaching the Earth on the nearest point of its orbit. Mars is now an especially bright object in the night sky. Not quite as bright as Venus but still the brightest object apart from Venus, the Sun, and the Moon. See video evidence of the green flash.