The Fire Spitting Uraeus

2 Dec 2010

Member Gary Gilligan whose web site is at has added new information on a new page, and this time has concentrated on the fire spitting uraeus, protector of the red sun. This an opportune moment in fact as various media outlets have been depicting a previously unknown Egyptian female pharaoh that has come to light, picturing her crown which parallels those of Gary on his web site. Egyptologists  tend to pass over such things as crowns without comment - or the barest of sentences. They are seen as in some way symbolical with little actual meaning for Egyptian history - but Gary would argue against such complacency. They must depict something, presumably in the sky, but what might spit fire and in some way be seen as protective of the deity represented by the pharaohs, particularly in a serpentine or snake like form. What might the red sun be -  the sun obscured by atmospheric haze perhaps, or an object in space that resemble a sun? In orthodox interpretation there is no explanation but in catastrophic terms it is not so and Gary provides one possible way of looking at these things. Food for thought.