Giant Rabbits

3 Apr 2011

At ... this is another example of Mediterranean islands becoming home to dwarfism and gigantism. See earlier posts on this subject - such as dwarf mammoths, dwarf elephants surviving on islands in the Mediterranean as sea levels changed. In this case it is gigantism - a larger than normal rabbit. A few million years ago such a rabbit lived on the island of Minorca (see March issue of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology). It was six times the size of modern wild rabbits. As a catastrophist it might be worth wondering if the Mediterranean was flooded at one stage as a result of changing sea levels as a result of a shift in the geoid - via Pole shift or movement at the axis of rotation. These animals would have roamed freely on what had been dry land with access to the mainland - so either geological upheavals of some kind or a switch in what was dry land and submerged took place, and the latter might also involve the former.