Giant Wave

15 May 2018

Interesting link at ... a 78 foot tall wave was recorded in New Zealand, the largest on record (but the records don't go very far back).

However, more importantly, at ... we learn there is now strong evidence that shows changes in co2 levels in the atmosphere have no significant effect on global temperatures. Yes, co2 changes in the atmosphere do not impact on temperatures at the surface. It is flannel.

The same story is  at .... in the report the author points out, it is never mathematically proper to attempt to validate anything embedded in a model by using the model itself. This appears to be a swing of the arm against some alarmist papers of the past. The point he is making is that several recent posts have not done this and have shown that co2 does not significantly effect global temperature, in comparison to the endless repetitions churned out by the alarmists - which remodel the models. The mainstream media is up to its elbows in the morass. The author has released a new report that says the same thing by using a different data set, making a total of 15 data sets when the earlier reports are included. This is like doing 15 experiments using different observations of the same phenomenon and reaching the same conclusion each time. However, don't expect to read about this in the mainstream media.