God and Climate Change

31 Jan 2012

The idea of God becoming involved in climate change is not new as the CAGW public relations propaganda people have attempted to embrace every sector of society - or is that brain wash every sector of society. They appear about as successful among church communities as they have been with the rest of the population - some have fallen for the meme and others have resisted the temptation to be swallowed up in the giant bean feast. In fact, notable sceptic churchmen roll off the tongue quite easily - the Bishop of Chester for example. He seems to have his screws intact much to the annoyance of fellow bishops with screws loose in various parts of their heads. 

Peter Warlow, on various occasions, pointed a finger at Sir John Houghton as instrumental, in the UK, for hyper-ventilating the CAGW cause. In particular, he was irked by the fact he was an evangelical Christian - implying he had an agenda. In the US there are evangelicals involved in alarmism too - Hayhoe for example, a buddy of Gingrich. It has always been clear that the CAGW stew has more meat and veg than Houghton by himself might provide. For example, there is a strong atheist element, you might say, CAGW being an alternative version of the Book of Revelation - sinning will bring all manner of calamities on your head. There is also a deep rooted nod and wink towards Gaia and neo-Pagan fantasies in general and it seems to attract like a magnet all kinds of waffling political players (and journalists puffing in the wind) from both the Left and the Right. Recently, some of them have been jumping ship - but its late in the day. In addition, CAGW has been unseemly in the minds of the upper crust - hunting and shooting types have produced a young generation of Public School educated offspring apparently wildly enthusiastic for doomsaying. Whats in it for them? Even Trade Unions are on the bandwagon, perhaps the strangest of them all as CAGW is basically anti-industrialisation and in the end they will do themselves out of a job, not just those of their members.

This post was prompted by a comment at www.bishop-hill.net towards the end of January - to the effect that Sir John Houghton, now retired from the Met Office and no longer a big wheel at IPPC and various other prominent positions within the CAGW bubble, has apparently been spending a lot of his spare time nowadays with the John Ray Initiative, a Christian PR (public relations) pro-'climate change' lobby come quango come proselytising organisation. See http://hopeforcreation.org and www.jri.org.uk where you will find some alarmist gems - having a go at the Bishop of Chester for example, and utilising WWF disinformation to nobble various 'sceptic' views. Christian apocalyptic ideas get mixed up with drought and floods, melting glaciers and disappearing polar bears, the usual distortion of reality. Quite amusing if you are in relaxed mode and chilled out.

Meanwhile, at www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/01/120124140103.htm another green scare story is perhaps over played once too often as it now seems that genetically modified food may not be as unsafe as it has been portrayed by the posh people who don't buy chicken joints from supermarkets, or the orgasmic vegetable set with their cardboard boxes full of stale swedes that end up in the green bins set aside for garden clippings and things.