Greeks in Canada

6 Feb 2018

Robert also sent in this link at ... did ancient Greeks sail to Canada. The idea if is based on something mentioned by the Greek author Plutarch. Did they reach Canada in around AD56? A character in a text of Plutarch is said to have claimed he had recently returned from 'a great continent' - and that is about all the evidence is. What was a great continent in the eyes of the sailor. The newly conquered Britain (by the Romans) is bigger than your average Mediterranean island. Was it a reference to Britain and Ireland - as Greek sailors in AD56 may well have served in Roman boats. The researchers however choose another island - Newfoundland. There is no archaeology to support their theory - but there is evidence of the Vikings a thousand years later ...

    ... there is no reason why Greek sailors, or Phoenicians come to that, may have stumbled upon the Americas - but AD56 appears to be a bit late for that.