15 Apr 2020

The corona virus episode has exposed an inconvenient fact - see ... the inconvenient truth is that green activists have overhyped levels of pollution created by diesel cars, leading to politicos falling over themselves to be virtuous and bringing in new laws and taxes. The over hype worked of course, as it ever does. Politicos want to please - but its always the same minority they please. All a bit sad. Activists claimed 'evil' diesel cars were choking German cities (read European and North American too) and engineered a political storm that the politicos felt it necessary to quell by conceding to their demands. However, the corona virus has caused roads to empty fairly dramatically - but guess what. Levels of the nasty polluting NO(2) have not gone down. The activists are now being accused of data manipulation in Germany - by motor engineers and people that do the testing. The levels of pollution should in any case have gone down months ago - since the introduction of new diesel engines with filters that virtually eliminate the unwanted particulates. It didn't - and it hasn't. The question now is have the politicos got any balls left lying around - even though the footie is out of bounds.

At ... which pulls no punches, as they say. It is a story that is a bit old but ignored by the media (or watered down). Worth another look as it involves money - and hypocrisy (two palms on one hand). Recycling has always been a racket. The general public thought their plastic and paper was genuinely being recycled - but it never was. It was being shipped to Asia where it was gold dust for a while (a lot ending up in the Pacific Ocean). It has become a billion dollar industry - and it isn't likely to end any time soon. Think about that when you diligently separate your plastic from general rubbish, and religiously collect your paper and put it in the bin provided. We have been programmed - and some people have filled their pockets. Big time. Who is the duffer. Us or them. Meanwhile, regulations regarding rubbish disposal do not exist in poorer nations, and people who sift through the waste are open to all kinds of pollution that was supposed to be eradicated by recycling. You can't make up the Green Blob. It is such a monster.