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1 Aug 2010


December 8th ... Has the Tilt of Uranus been solved?

December 8th ... Charge separation in space

Decembeer 8th ... On the Perils and Problems of Confronting Pseudohistory (Velikovsky)

December 9th ... The Flood Mystery Solved ?


January 22nd ... Hebrew Script on a shard found in the Elah Valley.

January 22nd ... Homo erectus (crossing the Mediterranean)

January 22nd ... Vikings (were they rebelling against Christian missionary zeal?)

January 22nd ... Post Younger Dryas history (the ancient shoreline of Lake Superior)

January 22nd ... The Sun and the Planets - Tall Bloke's theory.

January 22nd ... The Tree that refuses to die - 13,000 years and still thriving

January 22nd ... Climategate ... evidence from Finland of a very warm 1930s

January 30th ... Climate - the Gates

January 31st ... Younger Dryas Event (AGU 2009 Meeting)

February 4th ... Biological enigmas - such as mass extinction events

February 4th ... Evolutionary enigmas - such as the La Brea Tar Pits

February 4th ... Physics and Cosmology - the Higgs Bosun

February 4th ... Catstrophic Scenarios - Real and Imagined.

February 4th ... Earth Science - the Kimmeridge Clays

February 4th ... Space Anomalies - earth's orbit may influence asteroids

February 4th ... Chronological Matters - Biblical People and Ethnicity

February 4th ... Anthropology - Pashtun origins

February 4th ... Astronomy and Space - dust in the atmosphere and temperature

February 4th ... Douglas Keenan - C14 dating and tree rings

February 4th ... Silbury Hill (the tree trunk inside)

February 8th ... How did climate become such a big issue?

February 9th ... Wolves - extinction and recolonisation of Alaska

February 9th ... Stars - the thin membrane of space-time

February 9th ... Plant Mutations - speed of transition

February 9th ... the Hole in the Crust - the Ethiopian rift in the landscape

February 9th ... Pleistocene - the Jet Stream was much further south

February 9th ... Current Archaeology 239 - Clovis and the mammoths

February 9th ... Extraterrestrial geology (cosmic activity detected in raised bogs)

February 9th ... Punt - discovery of boats in a cave on the Red Sea coast

February 9th ... Big Heads - Boskop Skulls

February 9th ... Semi-conductors - electrons forming complex patterns

February 9th ... the Stonehenge Hedge

February 9th ... Smoke and Fire - rebirth and regeneration of forest and grassland

February 10th ... Climate Tidbits - temperature in the 1930s

February 11th ... Roots (migrations)

February 12th ... Darwin - only part of the story of evolution?

February 12th ... Hobbits and small brains

February 12th ... The Sphinx and the Pyramids (the Smithsonian view)

February 12th ... Comet Encke and a Tail Story - Russian scientists suggest Tunguska was material from the tail of a comet

February 12th ... Plasma and Fractual web sites

February 12th ... Climate - Hopeful Science? Miklos Zagoni.

February 12th ... Latest Archaeology news - the Orkney seabed

February 12th ... Chumash Indians and archaeo-astronomy?

February 13th ... Ice Shelving

February 13th ... Black and Dead Comets

February 13th ... C14 Calibration and Queens University

February 13th ... More on the 2009 AGU Meeting

February 13th ... Climate and the Media - are they part of the problem?

February 13th ... Tarasenko Genadly (a Russian perspective on electro-magnetic forces in the earth)

February 14th ... Climate in the Media - an avalanche of stories

February 14th ... the science of greenhouse gases (new web site devoted to explaining the processes involved)

February 14th ... Cold Fusion

February 15th ... Climate in the Media (a regrouping of the consensus)

February 16th The avenue of sphinxes, some 1350 of them

February 16th ... Hurricanes (and IPCC errors)

February 16th ... Ocean Acidification - the new scare associated with C02

February 16th ... Benny Peiser and Sir John Houghton (puff and pant)

February 16th ... Drust - and the lightning bolt symbol

February 16th ... Greenland Glaciers and Ocean Circulation

February 16th ... the case of the younger dryas extraterrestrial impact event (a new theory for the Pleistocene extinctions)

February 16th ... Scandinavia-gate (how to create a hockey stick blade in the late 20th century)

February 17th ... The Vancouver Sun and archaeology

February 17th ... Ice Age anomalies (sea levels not as they should be)

February 17th ... Corals in the Andaman Sea

February 17th ... the medieval high life of abbots

February 17th ... bronze age boats in the Atlantic

February 17th ... Canal - early route across the isthmus

February 19th ... Chiefio

February 19th ... Ghana, Carthage and Tutankhamon (stories)

February 19th ... the Creation Illusion

February 19th ... Lake Baikal

February 22nd ... Another Catastrophe - 100 million years ago

February 22nd ... Golden Bough

February 22nd ... Further on the DNA of Tutankhamon

February 22nd ... Cosmic Tusk update - new papers

February 22nd ... Climategate rumbles on

February 23rd ... Ape Folk (The Guardian take on human evolution)

February 23rd ... Pyramids - trying to refute the pseudo-historical stories

February 23rd ... sunlight and holes in tombs and monuments

February 23rd ... Potbelly Hill - early Holocene site in SE Anatolia

February 23rd ... Climate Capers (money)

February 23rd ... Permafrost - is it receding? How would you know?

February 23rd ... Supernova - and measuring dark energy

February 24th ... Ice shelves, atmospheric dust and hurricanes (new papers)

February 25th ... Out of Africa - from Current Biology (special issue)

February 25th ... Palaeolithic writing systems - or a message from the Pleistocene

February 25th ... Dark Comets

February 25th ... climate manoevres - a Met Office wheeze to gag the sceptics

February 26th ... underwater waves

February 26th ... bronze age race track in Tipperary

February 26th ... hyder flares (the Sun and an enormous magnetic filament one million km from end to end)

February 26th ... Climate Loops (the role of the Sun in global warming)

February 26th ... Icy Equator

February 26th ... Gulf of Mexico and the Little Ice Age

February 26th ... the Toba volcano - 74,000 years ago

February 27th ... Velikovksy Revisited, the Eric Aitchison revision

February 27th ... Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex, new paper by Bill Napier

February 27th ... Climate Twitters - raw and adjusted data

February 28th ... Creation Myths - Rens van der Sluijs

February 28th ... the Beaker culture

February 28th ... a new route for migration into the Americas (the Vancouver Sun and the possibility people were able to navigate the Arctic Oean during the Ice Age)

February 28th ... the Admiral Zheng

February 28th ... Weather Eye - in 1815 whaling boats in Arctic waters reported an unprecedented break-up of sea ice off the east coast of Greenland which led to speculation at the time that a new shipping route was about to open (just like media reports over the last couple of years have been saying)

February 28th ... Chondrite

February 28th ... Climate - the Bigger Picture (palaeoclimatic evidence is dredged up as if it has relevance to the modern world)

March 4th ... Climate Twitterings

March 4th ... Ostrich eggs and symbolic writing

March 4th ... megaliths in the Syrian desert - 8500-4300BC

March 4th ... matriarchal societies

March 6th ... origin of the alphabet

March 6th ... the case for significant numbers of extraterrestrial impacts through the late Holocene

March 6th ... ocean vents and el Ninos

March 6th ... Utah in Space (karst topography)

March 6th ... Human Brains

March 6th ... Alaska (ice porkies)

March 6th ... Thunderbolts - and the Ice Age

March 6th ... asteroid strike at the K/T boundary (the controversy)

March 6th ... volcanic lightning, ice on the moon, and ice on Mars

March 6th ... Fossil coral, spirits in the sand, and lakes in the Sahara

March 6th ... the Akhenaten Mummy (a dispute)

March 6th ... the river Eem in Holland gaves its name to the last interglacial, the Eemian ...

March 6th ... YD Boundary Event - updates (a mud core from Lough Monreagh)

March 7th ... Antarctic Impact (a large space rock exploded and showered the ice sheet)

March 7th ... the Toba super volcano and a 1000 year cooling episode

March 7th ... the highest mountain in the world

March 7th ... Ocean Heat - dissipation

March 7th ... the K/T Boundary event (the geology)

March 7th ... Ice Age Florida

March 7th ... Climate Prattle

March 10th ... anti-matter lightning

March 10th ... the Dark Angel (galaxy)

March 10th ... Chile earthquake - an entire city moved by 10 feet

March 10th ... Fresh Water - no YD impact found in Antarctic ice cores

March 10th ... Mound Culture in North America, earth mounds and rings occur from 3000BC to 1200BC and later (just as in Europe)

March 10th ... Hobbit Fued (the Hobbit debate hots up)

March 10th ... Kutch (and the Indus civilisation)

March 10th ... Czechs in Iraq - a 150,000 years old settlement in Kurdistan

March 10th ... Neta'im of Chronicles

March 10th ... Climate Mischief - the big fightback against the wave of scepticism

March 11th ... Climate Antics - tricks of the trade

March 12th ... Current Archaeology - rock art in Britain

March 12th ... the Edge of the Trowel - archaeological attitudes towards the numerologists and measurements such as the Megalithic Yard (no wonder Thom was shunted aside)

March 12th ... Stonehenge Queries - shallow banks and depressions within the earthwork are yet to be investigated

March 13th ... Climate Posturing - a NASA report that poors cold water on Amazon scare story

March 13th ... Tasmanian Aborigines - a site reputed to be 40,000 years of age and was seasonally occupied for thousands of years thereafter

March 13th ... Dark Flow - a mysterious cosmic dark flow streaming at millions of mph

March 16th ... Horticulture and Agriculture - the consensus model is falling apart

March 16th ... Bad Archaeology and what it thinks of Velikovsky - as well as Rohl and James and anyone sympathetic to mumbo jumbo (a couple of young graduates who seem to think they know a lot about this and that)

March 16th ... Black Hole Fireworks - the monster at the heart of the Milky Way awakes

March 16th ... Mammoth Mountain - an old volcano and the early Holocene

March 16th ... Climate Paranoia - the battle for minds continues

March 17th ... Geomythology

March 17th ... One Big Head - a Cro-Magnon skull

March 17th ... The Druid's Arms - a long barrow found in a pub car park

March 19th ... Caer Sidhi (the web site of a former member of SIS)

March 19th ... Hawaii

March 19th ... Frankenstein and the Comet of Yore - from Thunderbolts

March 19th ... Oh to be a Sunbeam - a column of dazzling light (Thunderbolts again)

March 19th ... Boat Mummies - in a desert north of Tibet

March 19th ... Dogs - DNA and origins

March 19th ... Red Spot - unlocking the secrets of Jupiter's red spot

March 20th ... the Nemesis Star

March 20th ... Climate Designs

March 20th ... Water on the Moon

March 21st ... Vikings and the Celts

March 21st ... Climate Rumble

March 21st .... WWF and Carbon Emissions - the gold rush

March 22nd ... the Magnetic Universe

March 22nd ... Messenger of Life and Death - Bill Napier at Cosmic Tusk

Mazrch 22nd ... Maya Dynasty

March 23rd ... Antarctic Fossils - perfectly preserved plants of the tundra buried under ice (but hundreds of miles out of kilter)

March 23rd ... Climate Weepies - AGW scientists are feeling sorry for themselves

March 25th ... Plates and Tectonic Activity

March 25th ... Mapping Venus

March 25th the Triassic Boundary - another event? Domination by crocodilia

March 25th ... Rapid Evolution - is it possible?

March 25th ... Climate: AGW bigwigs on the bounce (trying to get some authority on an issue that is sloshing around at their feet)

March 27th ... a new species of hominid?

March 27th ... Hole in the Ground - an impact crater in central Africa

March 27th ... Ancient Wall - outside a cave 23,000 years ago

March 27th ... New Dating Method (Bayesian C14)

March 28th ... the climate story conveyor belt system

March 28th ... Red Shift

March 28th ... Tushan - an Assyrian city

March 29th ... Geo Neutrinos

March 29th ... Dark Comets and the WISE mission

March 29th ... Are Venus and Earth in a long distance relationship?

March 29th ... Wind Farms and Wind Bags (ways to store wind energy, energy bags on the sea floor)

March 30th ... High Noon at the Royal Society (how Thom was nobbled)

March 30th ... Panning out the brickbats on Amazongate

April 2nd ... Angkor - the fall of Khmer 600 years ago

April 2nd ... the Biblical plagues - did they really happen?

April 2nd ... Bad Archaeology - Bob Porter has confirmed Psusennes lintel was found outsife the tomb of Osorkon II (but not inside as claimed by the boys at Bad Archaeology)

April 2nd ... New Zealand Kauri trees may provide a 30,000 year climate record

April 2nd ... Carry On Regardless - climate

April 3rd ... Mammoths on Wrangel Island

April 3rd ... Mid Pliocene - a very warm period

April 3rd ... Ice Ages in the early history of the earth

April 3rd ... Greenhouse Gas Theory and an Ice Age mystery

April 3rd ... YD Boundary event again - attempts to quash the comet theory (similarities with attempts to quash climate sceptics)

April 3rd ... Horemhab - a shorter reign?

April 3rd ... Dark Comets

April 3rd ... Userkare Pyramid - a missing pyramid

April 4th ... Bill Napier on the YD Boundary event

April 8th ... Aurorae - from Thunderbolts (the history)

April 8th ... the milk of cows (or how dairy farming made Europeans what they are)

April 8th ... Green Axe - symbolic value in the Neolithic

April 8th ... Indus Valley (the development of the civilisation geographically)

April 8th ... New Climate Model

April 8th ... Lava, climate change, and amber

April 9th ... the man who doesn't like the EU has locked horns on the Tusk - David Morrison has an agenda (why does he defend the consensus view as staunchly as he seems to?)

April 9th ... Tell Zeidan

April 9th ... dealing a mortal blow to the Medieval Warm Period

April 9th ... tails of a recent comet - the Zysman and Wallace theory

April 9th ... solar flares and climate 

April 9th ... glaciers

April 10th ... this week in Science - australopithecus

April 10th ... Out of Africa - a new episode

April 10th ... a new megalithic site on Darmoor

April 10th ... supervolcanoes under the sea

April 10th ... sea ice in the Arctic and wildlife

April 10th ... India in the early centuries AD

April 10th ... commercial archaeology and a wealth of new information the state system cannot keep apace

April 11th ... Venus in the Sky - geologically speaking Venus is alive

April 12th ... Mount St Helens - 30 years after

April 12th ... Richard Lindzen - a blog post that describes just how silly the AGW alarm really is

April 12th ... Time Dilation - a cosmological query

April 13th ... Accessible articles via links on Cosmic Tusk

April 13th ... Gulf dry and wide in the early Holocene

April 13th ... electricity in clouds

April 13th ... disappearing glaciers in Montana

April 14th ... the YD impact. It increasingly looks unlikely - or does it?

April 15th ... The IPCC and peer review

April 15th ... the Nine Stones of Cut Hill

April 15th ... Abraham's Covenant

April 16th ... Black Holes, Sprites, Solar Flares and Interstellar Water

April 16th ... That Volcano and Global Warming

April 18th ... Zodiacal Glow, Nesvorny and Jennisken

April 18th ... Indus script - yet to be decyphered

April 18th ... dating anomalies 

April 18th ... Black Holes - does the whole universe exist in a black hole?

April 18th ... where has all that AGW heat disappeared to?

April 18th ... Dark Matter Doubts

April 19th ... it's gonna be a hot dry summer and a cold hard winter (?)

April 20th ... the origin of water on earth

April 20th ... electrified lunar craters

April 20th ... intelligent design and human behaviour

April 21st ... Chinese pigs

April 21st ... oyster shells, the Medieval Warm Period ... and the Romans (the global nature of the MWP)

April 22nd .... searching for neutrinos

April 22nd ... Fireballs ... and Fire ... a fireball over Wisconsin was accompanied by reports of fires breaking out on the ground. Why?

April 22nd ... Keenan versus Baillie

April 22nd ... the solar dynamics observatory

April 22nd ... Lawrence Dixon and the retrocalculation of the Verna Equinox

April 23rd ... Earhquakes, volcanoes, and solar activity (and the odd full moon) - trying to understand Piers Corbyn's weather forecasting ability.

April 23rd ... Lopside Core ... of the Earth

April 23rd ... hidden wonders of Sardinia (tombs of the Ozeiri culture, 3800-2900BC)

April 23rd ... Wretched C02 (Lindzen on Rees and Ciccerone)

April 25th ... Monsoons, eureka and the science of doom

April 25th .. Ignimbrites - evidence of a comet firestorm? or how about a cosmic discharge?

April 25th ... Dating the YD event

April 26th ... human origins

April 26th ... a catastrophe of comets

April 26th ... Asphalt Domes - evidence of petroleum leaking from the ocean floor as a result of volcanism/tectonic activity 35,000 years ago

April 26th ... Troy is in the wrong place? A web site devoted to Troy at Bergama

April 27th ... Climate Sods (of dirt) and Odds (and balls) - melting ice patches in Canada

April 27th ... Comet disintegration - George Howard getting riled

April 27th ... Mathematical  Bio-diversity

April 27th ... God Kings - a different version of pharaonic history

April 28th ... Transient Events in the Plasma Universe - Rens Van der Sluijs

April 28th ... the Electric universe

April 28th ... Pravda - and climate change (the Russian perspective)

April 28th ... trans-Pacific connections

April 29th ... Sutton Hoo in its landscape

April 29th ... Reachable Stars - patterns in ethno-astonomy (a woolly way of describing American myths and legends)

April 29th ... Floods of water at the end of the Ice Age ?

April 29th ... water ice found on asteroid

April 29th ... Prehistoric Walkabouts

April 29th ... the Yamal tree ring controversy

May 2nd ... La Nina - are we heading into cool waters?