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Diets are big business. The fad for vegan diets is just the latest. We have had the F Plan for example - lots of home made baked beans and pulses leading to the nickname, the farting diet. That one didn't stay around too long but then we had the grapefruit diet (eat lots of acidic grapefruits) and the Atkins diet. The latter one was concocted by a doctor rather than a nutritionist and was remarkable for the amount of meat and dairy foods you could consume, including fatty bacon, cheese, milk, cream and eggs, and lashings of butter.

Science Comic

In World Current Archaeology 96 (August 2019) ( we have a two page piece on the latest Neanderthal finds and mention is made of a study in PLoSONE online journal that used demographhic modelling and simulation to test what changes over a period of 10,000 years could lead to the mysterious Neanderthal extinction around 40,000 years ago. It found a slight continous slopee in the fertility rates of women under the age of 20 could have led to a signficant impact that could have led to the demise.

Does Dark Matter exist

William sent in this link to ... dark matter may not actually exist. There is an alternative theory and it can be tested, we are told. Dark matter is theoretical. It is required to account for the fact that galaxies do not seem to obey the laws of physics as currently understood. The alternative theory seeks to explain the behaviour of galaxies - by tweaking the role of gravity. The study is published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticles Physics.


Eric's Velikovsky thread has gone big on EU subjects of late. For example, we have some posts on Rupert Sheldrake, one of the speakers at the UK EU conference in Bath in July. Specifically, it broings up once again the now dated story of TED taking down Sheldrake speaking at a TED sponsored conference a few years ago. Apparently, TED can be influenced by mainstream science monitors, the so called thought police that likes to patrol Wiki and other public arenas, threatening organisers with bad publicity and black listing them if they don't comply with their preferred views.

Automated Sea Vehicles

At ... advances in ocean monitoring are improving our understanding of the sea and its environment - from marine creatures to sea surface temperature changes. Rsearch ships are costly and sea conditions are not always ideal for crew and researcher alike. The Auton Naut, it is hoped, will change things, offering a cheaper alternative. The boat is propelled by a wave foil that harvests energy from the natural pitch and rolling at sea - a commercial application of wave propulsion.

Men in Black

The former head of a secret US government programme set up to investigate UFO sightings has told the media that extraterrestrial life may exist - as some UFOs defy explanation. See for example ... and ... We may not be alone he said as a lot of strange aircraft (or flying objects) have displayed characteristics not currently within the US military (nor that of any other earth based society).

Dowsing is Bunkum

Oh dear. The mainstream thought vigilantes have been out in force after the parents of a precocious biology student witnessed a man from the water company using a dowsing rod to locate the water pipe in order to make a connection to their house. Wow. This went viral - on Twitter and on numerous blogs. Lots of people who had never heard of Sally Le Page now do - courtesy of a little piece of condescension by people who think they are superior to the little people (like the technicians that work for water utilities).

Autumn Meeting 2017

We have a great line up of speakers at the 2017 Autumn Meeting in Watford (venue is the Quaker Meeting House in Church Road, a short step from Watford Junction station). These include Bob Johnson on the Sun and electromagnetic activities, Rupert Holms on the second book in his trilogy (the star core), Adrian Gilbert on the Stone of Scone (the various legends and history associated with it), and finally, Robert Porter on his revision of chronology (and his favoured location for the Exodus).

Fake News

Fake News has been in the news in recent weeks as Trump has accused his critics in the media of not just telling porkies but of having a political agenda. In other words, Fake News is defined as news broadcast (and written) not to inform, as Joe Public might think news should be, but to educate the public towards a certain agenda. That agenda is of course opposed by Trump. In the UK we have a similar situation in our media, especially when it comes to the BBC. An example of this is at ...

Thinking a lot of oneself

One of the more whacky papers published this year can be found at ... and was published at Evolutionary Psychological Science. It doesn't start very well as it begins, ' more intelligent people tend to be atheistic ...' and this 'dates back to the Romans and ancient Greeks ...'. It goes on to say the link between intelligence and religion can be explained if religion is considered an instinct, and intelligence the ability to rise above one's instinct. The big assumption here is that religion is an instinct. Is it?