Is it really that simple?

12 Apr 2012

At ... can it be that ocean heat crossing the equator influences global warming? The source appears to be Bob Tisdale at monthly updates to Sea Surface Temperatures - see menu on RH side. Tisdale appears to be saying that Hansen's models are junk, his extrapolation of North Atlantic temperatures into the Arctic is mickey mouse science, and the NASA GISS global temperature data (under the guidance of Hansen and pals) is likewise, bunkum. Well, see what you think - can it really be just that? Bear in mind other explanations for the excess heat have been made and Tall Bloke's commenters, or some of them, appear to favour a solar origin of the heat (see also

Meanwhile, at ... we are told the Dead Sea almost dried up around 120,000 years ago, and was extremely low 13,000 years ago. In fact, the water level of the Dead Sea has gone up and down by hundreds of metres over the last 200,000 years - according to a sediment core taken recently from the bottom.