Mars, coral reefs, quicksand, moons of Pluto and sea level rise that is not rising very much

15 Jul 2012

Lovely images of Mars - polar ice cliffs, gullies, craters, and dunes - go to ... with links to HiRISE web site and more images.

The doomsaying myth about global warming destroying coral reefs has taken a pounding by the discovery that it is viruses that caused some reefs to decline (see but adds, for funding reasons I suppose, 'corals are known to face various environmental threats, such as warming temperatures ...'

Meanwhile, at ... research on non-Newtonian fluids (quicksand is given as an example) have found they harden as a result of particles suspended in the liquid temporarily mashing together, creating a near solid. Why is something else.


Finally, at ... is a survey of both hemispheres and the finding is that sea level rise is proceeding at a very slow rate - and here is the rub, 'and has yet to reach the medieval peak ...'. Not only that, at ... the rise in seal level that has occurred is partly due to man-made reasons such as the extraction of ground water for irrigation, industrial purposes, and domestic ablutions etc.