More Cotton Wool

23 Feb 2012

The forthcoming IPCC AR5 report, it is being suggested, will not look at the Sun as the main driver of the climate, and has omitted reference to a number of papers and research that has done otherwise. There is no surprise in this as IPCC are committed to the idea co2 is the principle driver of climate - see (a guest post by Alec Rawls). He participated in the review of the First Order Draft of AR5 and has confirmed what was thought likely by sceptics some months ago as attempts were made to block or delay certain embarrassing papers that showed the Sun did in fact play a prominent role in climate on earth - as you might have expected. However, some of the commenters don't seem to be convinced by the role of the Sun - temperatures have not plummeted but remained on a plateau. These include an infamous Wikipedia adulterator - and it looks like he is sounding out where else he might slip his dipstick. Unfortunately, he won't have the option to edit - only to pontificate.

Meanwhile, Fakegate is rife on the blogosphere, but largely ignored by mainstream media. It seems one of more prominent of the CAGW loonies was caught acting suspiciously. This has descended into politics rather than science - enough said.