More info on Mercury

25 Jun 2011

At (see earlier post a few days ago). This blog post is derived from information from the Carnegie Institute and it expands a little on what the Messenger spacecraft has found out about the magnetosphere of Mercury. The Mariner 10 fly by in 1974 witnessed a burst of highly energetic particles in the magnetosphere but nothing as powerful as that has been seen by the Messenger during its 3 fly bys so far. However, bursts of energetic electrons have been seen - which were not as energetic. As Mercury hs a small magnetosphere, being a small planet without a substantial atmosphere, the generation and distribution differs, it is thought, from that of the earth. It is being suggested a double layer of plasma with large electric fields along the local magnetic field may be at work - or induction caused by rapid changes in the magnetic field, a simpler explanation, is a process that follows the principle used in generators on earth to produce electric power. This is being studied at the moment and in the course of further Messenger fly-bys.

Also on the Daily Galaxy blog - at is a bit of speculation described by one commenter as science fiction. It is derived from a paper in the Astrophysical Journal and the blog author asked if dark matter, which is invisible, might create conditions for life by producing warmth - in a universe generally considered to be extremely cold.

At ... and again the blog author asks an interesting question. One commenter replies that either our methods of measuring distance and speed don't apply at mega-scale or they are flat out wrong. Newton defined what he could understand. Einstein updated this and Hawking expanded on the update - but do we need a new mathematical model? 

Unfortunately, many of the other commenters on this site are apparently juvenile or make no sense at all from a scientific perspective which is why I rarely suggest going there. Pity as the posts are sometimes thought provoking.