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Cranial modification

At ... did the bizarre practice of cranial deformation derive from observations of an elongated celestial body. Artificial cranial modification, head flattening and head binding, leads to some peculiar shapes of the skull ...

Green Men

Again, from Northern Earth 147 (December 2016), Eric Fitch recalls he was innocently listening to a classics CD featuring the music of Purcell, specifically the Fairy Queen, when he noticed a reference to a 'Dance for the Green Men' - and green men with tangles of wild plants and vines as hair around faces little more than a pair of eyes and a mouth seem to invoke a fair bit of controversy. Green men faces in churches have a connection with nature - and fecundity. It was a symbol used to illustrate renewal - as in the Resurrection.

Nice Story

Bob Trubshaw, writing in Northern Earth 147 (December 2016) has been reading an Oxbow Archaeological publication written by archaeologist Alastair Whittle (in 1997). This concerns what he describes as a 'palisaded enclosure' on the upper reaches of the river Kennet situated on a flat area of land, or flood plain, between the West Kennet long barrow and Silbury Hill (easily accessible as it is alongside the A4 road). Actually, there is nothing much to see from an eyeball view as the enclosures consist of post holes - up to 2000 of them.

Bones of Seth

At provided by Gary Gilligan. The ancient ruins of Holmul in Guatemala date back to the 7th and 8th centuries AD and are being investigated by archaeologists, intrigued by the dynasty of 'Snake Kings' and a temporary dominance until superseded by the city of Tikal dynasty. One of the bodies in a royal tomb is equipped with jade teeth.


At ... provides some new perspectives on the Cedar Forest, abode of the monster Humbaba. It was a noisy jungle, it is alleged, and probably had nothing to do with the Cedar Forest of Lebanon (as visualised by scholars intent on seeing Gilgamesh as a human king rather than a mythological sky object).

Gary Gilligan

At .. is Gary Gilligan's theory - a new page added to his updated web site. We have a celestial equator as well as the plane of the ecliptic. His theory is that planetary chaos dominated the ancient world and the solar system was awash with water,dust, gasses and debris that assembled at the plane of the ecliptic (the zodiacal plane that includes the zodiacal pyramid). Clube and Napier, in their books and articles, envisaged the plane of the ecliptic awash with debris - but from the passage of comets.

Beauty and the Beast

Not very often I get a chance to post in the Mythology box but at ... which claims some fairy tales, such as Rumpelstiltskin and Beauty and the Beast, and the Smith making a pact with the devil, go way back into history - far into the bronze ages. The latter story in particular, they say, goes back to the 4th millennium BC, and the article is published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.

The San

The term Bushmen is apparently not politically correct nowadays - for reason too dire to mention. Hence, the title above, the San - which refers, I think, to one group of Bushmen. We have a lot to learn from these folk as they are probably one of the oldest human groups still in existence - but very small in numbers. They are also extremely brave and when their land was being colonised by Bantu and Europeans alike they resisted fiercely, sometimes a lone figure with a bow and arrow defending his home territory against the many.

Circle of God

The Circle of God by Brian Hobley will set you back £105 but it appears to be a pretty comprehensive study which may attract SIS members to indulge themselves. Is it worth trying the public library system, I wonder?

bang, wallop, sizzle

At .... surprise, surprise. Australian Aborigine people have stories about a fire devil that burnt people on the surace which they attributed as revenge for breaking their 'sacred law' - and where have we heard that before.

There are other stories of fiery stars falling from the sky and producing a deafening sound, blowing debris across the landscape and setting the vegetation on fire. See