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The God King Scenario

At Gary Gilligan has the second book of his series, the God King Scenario, available - with a link to Amazon. There is a Foreword on the web site that outlines some aspects of the work - and a brief description of what it consists of. We are all familiar with legends of monsters, dragons and demons and mythology with Gods that seem to dominate and intercede in human affairs. Generally, we might dismiss most of this as fictitious, the product of colourful story tellers whose business it is to elaborate and embroider the ordinary.

A Bulgarian Loch Ness Monster thingummybob

A report from the Sofia News Agency at the Water Bull of Rubisha Lake in the NW of the country is set to become a tourist attraction - it is hoped. However, it is an extremely small body of water in comparison to Loch Ness, a mere one square km. It was formed in the Quaternary, between 5 and 2 million years ago, and is over 30m deep. It is the subject of a folktale, or legend, in which it is said to be bottomless.

The consensus opinion of myth June 21st has an excellent post by Rens van der Sliujs on the scholarly evidence of similarities between cultures - sometimes from opposite sides of the planet. He says there is an ingrained prejudice against looking for similarities - and what is thought to be good scholarly work is for somebody in a specialised field to discover oddities peculiar to that culture and the period of time being researched. The fact that there might have been lots of similarities with other cultures is ignored.

Thunderbolts February 25th ... Mel Acheson claims that during the Ice Age the ice occurred in a ring around the North Pole, quoting Dwardu Cardona and his book, Primordial Star. He correlates such a ring with a ring of aurora. The article doesn't supply any evidence to substantiate this claim or any source that might be checked out - which is unfortunate. Maybe Cardona has references but the thunderbolts article did not.


In WA Cummins, The Age of the Picts, Stroud:1996, on page 75, there is a symbol of a double disc and a Z Rod (see below). According to Cummins this image was a symbol that was used by the famous king of the Picts, Drust son of Erp - extent in the 5th century AD.