Near Miss to Miss us again

18 Mar 2012

At .... we learn that the asteroid that came close to earth earlier in the year will do the same thing next year. Known as 2012 DA14 it has an orbit synchronised with that of the earth's orbit - and it jumps inside and outside of the path of the earth two times a year.

At is a list of articles to click on that have a catastrophic theme, mainly on the Younger Dryas and the demise of the mammoths. Some titles - 'Supernova storm wiped out mammoths?' o 'Ice Age ends smashingly; did a comet blow up over Canada?' and 'Plasma, solar outbursts, and the end of the Ice Age' etc etc. 

While at ... the discovery of magnetic stripes in Ethiopia may indicate the coming formation of a new ocean basin in the next couple of million years or so (taken from the journal Geology - March, 2012). Seismographs are being installed on rifted valley systems in order to understand how proto-oceans come into being.