The Pheasant Aurora

2 Apr 2020

Japanese sky watchers, back in the year 620AD, recorded a streak of red light in the night sky and compared it with the colourful tail of a pheasant. See ... aurora do not usually look like pheasant tails - so what was it. It seems it was as Japan back then was 33 degrees in 620 compare to 25 degrees today. Not sure what that means but they say that implies it was well within the area that would be affected by a strong magnetic storm. This means the phenomenon could very well have been an aurora - but more research is necessary. Pheasants were regarded as messengers of the god for some reason. One cannot help but compare it to the long tail of Quetzalcoatl - the tail feathers coming from the colourful quetzal bird. Quetzalcoatl has been envisaged as a comet - but do they have colourful tails?

At ... US researchers have now ruled out dark matter as responsible for mysteriour electro-magnetic signals previously observed from nearby galaxies. Another attempt to clarify dark matter that has been shot down in flames.