Physics news

Buckminster fullerenes

Buckminster fullerenes are back on the menu at ... scientists at the Swiss University of Basel has identified a particle, the positively charged buckminster fullerenes (see Nature July 2015). Buckminster fullerenes are made up of 60 crbon atoms with the shape of a soccer ball and their existence was at first dismissed (in the 1989s). They are also ionised particles - which accounts for their rehabilitation.

string theory

Tim Cullen turns his attention to String Theory - and he is not exactly being friendly (see .. and begins his blast with the words, 'string theory is a theory of quantum gravity' and goes on to say it 'is a problem that is stuck at the bottom of a very deep rabbit hole'.

balls of string

Are black holes the ruthless killers we've made them out to be, a professor of physics at Ohio State University asks. The paper has been published on the pre-publication site arXiv  where the professor sets out to prove, mathematically, that black holes are not necessarily arbiters of doom.

Puffing Billy

At ... if you like choo choo trains and puffing billies have a look at Tim Cullen's post this week. He uses videos of steam trains to make a point about the Doppler Effect. I used to watch the steam trains from the West Country roar through our neck of the woods when I was a boy, rocking side to side as they sped on their way to London. They used to stop feeding the boiler at around West Drayton, and had enough momentum to reach Paddington.

ice cores and co2

At ... there is a short article on pre-industrial levels of co2 which clearly conflicts with the global warming mantra.

Grand Unified Theory

At ... there is an abstract of a book written by Dr Randell Mills who favours what he calls the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics - which unifies Maxwell's Equations, Newton's Laws, and Einstein's General and Special Relativity. The central plank in this idea is that physical laws hold over all scales, from the scale of subatomic particles to that of the cosmos.

Big Bang water cracker

At ... the question as to whether water is abundant in the universe has been on the mind of scientists for a long time now. Calculations using computer models have now entered the fray - and it is being suggested that it is possible there is a lot of water out there in space.

Big Bang dynamics

At .... a German cosmologist says the theory of the quantum mode of structure in the universe has been confirmed - even proved. However, he also says that a reported signal said to confirm the existence of primordial gravitational waves can be attributed to dust in our own galaxy.

wormholes in heaven

At ... evidence is said to exist that our galaxy could be a huge wormhole - but not everyone would agree (even physicists). The paper is in the Annals of Physics and the idea is to rethink dark matter. They can't see the stuff but apparently they can map how much dark matter is in the Milky Way. The following remark is somewhat revealing, 'obviously, we are not claiming that our galaxy is definitely a worm hole but simply that according to theoretical models this hypothesis is a possibility'.

Energy systems

At ... is about thermoelectric power plants that seek to harvest the ocean waves by pumping cold water up through a heat exchanger