Robust Rebuttal

5 Dec 2017

Physicists did not like Andre Meader's claim that dark matter and dark energy do not exist - see News item at ... Maeder's argument was published in a series of papers in The Astrophysics Journal (during 2017) which did away with the necessity of factoring in hypothetical dark matter and dark energy, by the simple expedient of re-evaluating Einstein's concept of space time. Maeder found he could explain the expansion of the universe without dark energy. He could also explain the motions of the stars and galaxies without dark matter. Mainstream is biting back - got to ... and predictably the rebuttals point to the cosmic microwave background and distribution of the galaxies. Red Shift trumps everything department. It is also claimed that gravitational lensing of distant objects by nearer galaxies reveals the existence of dark matter - but does that sentence omit the word, hopefully.

Over at ... we are told Juno isn't where it's supposed to be. The flyby anomaly is back. Why does it happen? - namely, an increase in the speed of spacecraft such as Pioneer, Voyager, Galileo, Cassini, and New Horizons - and now the Juno probe. Dark matter has been suggested. Experiments conducted so far show the processes not predicted in Special Relativity may be involved - and novel gravitational influences.