The San

19 Aug 2015

The term Bushmen is apparently not politically correct nowadays - for reason too dire to mention. Hence, the title above, the San - which refers, I think, to one group of Bushmen. We have a lot to learn from these folk as they are probably one of the oldest human groups still in existence - but very small in numbers. They are also extremely brave and when their land was being colonised by Bantu and Europeans alike they resisted fiercely, sometimes a lone figure with a bow and arrow defending his home territory against the many. As a result of this their numbers declined massively over the last few centuries.

David Lewis-Williams, all good and popular Welsh names, has written 20 books and numerous articles on the San Bushmen, and has spent, he claims, 53 years studying them. As a result of this he should know what he talks and writes about. His latest book is 'Myth and Meaning: San Bushmen Folklore in Global Context' and has recently been published - see