A Solar Tsunami (?)

14 Aug 2010

At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article_1302449/Spectacular-northern-lights-dance-over-lakes-in-wake-of-solar-tsunami/ ... it seems the journalist is describing a solar flare, and presumably his analogy with a tsunami wave comes from the rapid advance of plasma from the Sun towards the earth as a result of the flare. There have been some aurorae this past week and two images are supplied in the story which you might like to download, one over Lake Michigan and the other over Lake Superior, with the sky a beautiful green and violet hue (for further images go to www.lakesuperiorphoto.com ). Although the Sun has not quite woken up from its long slumber, there were two solar flares a few days ago that sent superheated plasma in the direction of the earth. For some reason NASA is overplaying the solar storm angle as they greatly exagerated what actually happened. A similar thing occurred a few weeks ago when a very mediochre solar flare was dramatised  into an alarmist news story about electric systems, orbiting satellites, and national grids going down. Do they know something they aren't telling? It seems as if they are expecting a really big solar flare to erupt and there are some historical hints that big ones can occur when the Sun is fairly quiet - as now.