Space Time may be just a mirage?

14 Aug 2010

At August 10th ... Casey Kazan is winding people up again by questioning space time. Quoting a scientist from Berkely University in California, Peter Horava, who wants to split time apart from space in order to reconcile quantum mechanics with the mystery of dark energy (source New Scientist). The problem is that if he is right it will require a major overhaul of black hole physics.

On the same day Casey Kazan has another post, ancient oceans appear to effect the stability of the earth's atmosphere through deep time. This is drawn from research done at Leicester university into the Late Ordovician Period, some 460 million years ago. Ancient climate, it is claimed, was surprisingly much like the present day - which means global warming is an even more striking phenomenon. They came to this conclusion by the study of chitinozoan fossils, the egg cases of extinct plankton, from before and after the Ordovician glaciation. These eggshells, it is said, are capable of predicting where the ancient Polar Front was located, the point where cold water is dissolved by warmer waters in the ocean circulation system. Previous studies have claimed C02 levels were much higher than present but this latest research says the contrary. However, recognising this is a prune being offered to the funders of the research we may note they also said the C02 levels could have been as much as five times higher than today.