Spanish Alligators

3 Apr 2017

At ... bringing home the fact southern Europe was semi-tropical not so many million years ago - just 16 it would seem. This is how far the Iberian peninsular has shifted since that period - either by Plate Tectonics/Drift or by pole movement.


Catalonia had a fauna and flora that is nowadays associated with much warmer parts of the world - such as alligators. Those surviving members of this family are normally associated with Florida, living in a distinctly watery environment. Not just alligators but caimans too - smaller members of the crocodile family. In addition, many other species has been found from the same period - such as rhinoceros, early types of elephant, peccaries,  mouse deer, pigs and bovines etc. 

Meanwhile, at ... which is about birds in the Dinosaur Age (real birds rather than flying reptiles).