Venus Super Rotation

25 Apr 2020

At ... atmospheric tidal waves maintain the super rotation speed of Venus - courtesy of Hokkaido University (Japan). The tidal waves are formed from solar heating on the planet's day side and cooling on its night side. See also ...

At ... an asteroid population from outside the solar system. Seems like this idea has suddenly become popular - the possibility that we have stray objects living inside our solar system. It was feasible with comets but is that also the case with asteroids. Mind you, they are talking about the centaur objects which might actually be comets. Bill Napier seems to think so. These objects are said to have hung around rather than passing through the solar system. There are 19 of them we are told. They now gravitate between Jupiter and Neptune - and occasionally break through into the inner solar system. According to Brazilian scientists these unusual objects (difficult to define properly) can only be explained if they were birthed in another star system. The centaurs were not, it is claimed, part of the original gas and dust disc in which our solar system formed - an idea suggested by computer simulation. I suppose this would be attractive to Electric Universe theorists as it lays the game open to further intrusions and captures - of planets. See ... or