5 Jan 2011

At we have a post on John Lascelles whose book was reviewed by SIS a couple of years ago. Wikinfo was launched in 2003, a universal open content reference source along the lines of Wikipedia and other Wiki sites. The site is set up for users to edit articles and to create new articles. This is an ideal facility for SIS members to participate in, especially those with hypothesis that have no chance of getting a public hearing elsewhere. It is ideal for those who don't have the time or inclination to set up a blog or web site but wish to get a pet theory up online - or as in the case of John Lascelles, advertise his book and his claim that Troy was not located at Hissarlik, the conventional position, but at Bergama.

At Wikinfo you can import articles directly from Wikipedia and then modify them. This feature was set up because so many articles posted at Wikipedia, especially concerning the Electric Universe and Plasma Physics, were being altered by unfriendly editors. There is a section on writing articles for Wikinfo - policy, copyright, how to start a page, styles, help topics etc (see ). Excellent site. Have fun.