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9 Jul 2017
cycle 24

Solar cycle 24 has been relatively quiet for the last few weeks but a huge coronal hole has opened up over the last few days - see July 11th. The weather is already warm. Is it about to get warmer over Europe and North America? An interesting post on this subject is at .. which is a guest post by David Archibald, one of the people who think a lack of sun spots is going to result in a cooling of the earth system.

10 Jul 2017

   You can see Naxos as a large island in the Cyclades. Presumably at some time this would have all been joined up to Greece itself but sea levels and seismic events have turned this into a lot of small islands. When this might have occurred is central to excavations now taking place at Stelida on Naxos. Tristan Carter and a team of 35 have been digging there for the last 3 years with some surprising results.

10 Jul 2017
Boiling the waters

Two posts at Tall Bloke's talk shop on July 9th 2017. The first one is at ... is by Roger shortly before going on holiday to France. It is a post at ... which Roger commented on, to the effect he adds that solar magnetic variation on low level cloud cover is missing, the Svenmark effect.

10 Jul 2017

Laurence Dixon sent in details of a Royal Society paper by GG Nyambuya of the Dept of Physcis at Bulawayo University. He begins by saying 100+ years ago Alfred Wegener claimed Eareth's continental plates receded from each other over the course of Earth's history - the theory of continental drift. He also said they were stilll in a state of motion relative to one another. In order to explain this Wegener came up with the possibility the earth must be expanding. In reality, he had no adequate explanation as to why the plates were moving apart or the energy source responsible.

12 Jul 2017
One Half Of

Bill Napier, one half of Clube and Napier, is on the Tusk - see ... with a letter he wrote as a result of a podcast between Graham Hancock and Randall Carson on one side and two mainstream scientists on the other side, Marc Defant and Michael Shermer. The Tusk has the podcast in full - in a video to view.

15 Jul 2017
Einstein Renaissance

Einstein's 1915 theory of gravitation, or General Relativity, is now a central pillar of consensus physics and science - but it was not always so. It contributes to our understanding of cosmology and how particles inter-act with each other - but this was not always so according to Alexander Blum et al in an editorial introducing a special issue on Einstein, 'The Renaissance of Einstein's Theory of Gravitation' in the European Physical Journal (2017) DOI:10.1140/epjh/e2017-80023-3 (see ).

16 Jul 2017
Henry Zemel

At ... Henry Zemel is president of the CAENO Foundation (see ) which supports historical and experimental research on the chronology of early civilisations. He has organised several conferences including 'The Origin of Writing Systems' at Peking University, 'Calendars and Years' at Notre Dame University in Indiana, and 'What's old is new again' at EKM, Karlsruhe in Germany.

16 Jul 2017
Hancock on Gobekli

Gobekli Tepe in modern SE Turkey is an impressive megalithic structure - or series of structures. They date back to the early Holocene period - some distance after the so called Younger Dryas Boundary event. After it was deemed past its shelf life the stone circles were buried in soil and and debris to form a hill - a very large mound. The current view of archaeologists is that the megaliths were build by hunter gatherers.

16 Jul 2017
Cats Brain Barrow

At ... it seems the axe Otzi the Iceman was carrying was made of copper - and it has been traced back to a copper deposit in central Italy. This is interesting as it shows metal was in use in Europe in the 4th millennium BC (contemporary with its use in the Near East during the Chalcolithic).

17 Jul 2017
Ice Calving

Interesting video at the link below - but it seems to have brought the alarmists out wringing their hands and crying in their sleep (going by the level of comments). In spite of that the video is awesome - go to ... raw nature in action. Just imagine what it would have been like when the ice sheet melted at the end of the Ice Age.