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23 Jul 2017
dunes under the sea

Gary sent in the following links - .... which concerns a book by a controversial historian who seems to have hit on a way to make money by re-writing history, and ...--- NASA images show patterns exposed in giant crater. There are a lot of images to look at and digest but what kind of impact was involved - a meteor or an electrical discharge.

23 Jul 2017
Jupiter Aurora

At ... which is posed as an unusual occurrence but presented as Jupiter revealing itself as a planet on steroids - see also ... where the blog post is derived. Jupiter's aurorae get weirder than ever, we are told. The Juno mission's recent images of the Great Red Spot may be spectacular but in June Juno flew over the poles of Jupiter and detected electrically charged particles flying upwards.

23 Jul 2017
Dr Strangelove

The spirit of Dr Strangelove appears to be alive and kicking - see ... scientists are considering adding aerosols to the atmosphere and modifying clouds to slow global warming. Apart from the fact the only evidence they have of global warming is derived from computer models it seems there are people out there that actually believe this stuff and are prepared to play around with the atmosphere of the earth. This is not just whacky - it's potentially dangerous. Blocking out sunlight is not a good idea.

23 Jul 2017
Susan Oosthuisen

At ... archaeologist Susan Oosthuizen is well known for her research into the historicity of Britain's common land - which she claims goes back at least 1500 years. She was quoted by Steve Mitchell in one of his articles in SIS Review and has popped up in conversation with him, at one time or another. She specialises in the Anglo Saxon period and in particular, Cambridgeshire and the Fen country. The Fens were flooded in the Late Roman period - between 300 and 600AD, following the dry Roman Warm Period.

24 Jul 2017

At ... a roundup of climate change issues is published weekly - but from a sceptical point of view. You can get it delivered weekly to your inbox tray but a word of warning - it is a lengthy read and you could well end up deleting it unread on most weeks as you may well have better things to do with your spare time. As it was raining today I took the opportunity to browse some of it, The Week That Was July 22nd 2017.

24 Jul 2017
Prehistoric Remains

An archaeological excavation at a Shrewsbury church has revealed it was built on a former Neolithic and Bronze Age site - including a burial mound with slots for standing stones and two rows of Neolithic post holes around a ditch (and presumably at one time a bank). The church appears to have deliberately been sited and built on ancient remains - that may have had some kind of superstition attached to them, or even a cult of some kind. A wooden post that was found has been dated by C14 to 2033BC (in the British Early Bronze Age).

24 Jul 2017
Neanderthals in the Levant

At ... Israeli archaeologists have been excavating a site that disproves the idea Neanderthals lives in caves is the headline, a piece of journalistic license it would seem. The site currently being investigated is far from being a cave - see image below, an aerial view of an excavation in open country ....

24 Jul 2017
Bretz and Younger Dryas

Graham Hancock has somehow contrived to associate J Harlen Bretz and the megaflood with the Younger Dryas Boundary Event. He is a former journalist and I suppose sleight of hand is a tool of the trade. He presents his ideas in a non-science language that some people find attractive. His books have sold a lot of copies.

25 Jul 2017
Henry Zemel

Henry Zemel established the Caeno Institute a number of years ago in order to research certain topics such as ancient history and calendars. Go to

25 Jul 2017
Water on the Moon

At ... that scientists think they have found evidence of water in the interior of the Moon. The origin of water in the interior is a mystery - see ... is derived from satellite data and the idea water can be found in the interior of the Moon raises some interresting questions about the formation of the Moon, on the one hand, and how much water is in the solar system.