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11 Jan 2020
Misalignment of New Build

An interesting study at ... Early Neolithic house plans in central and eastern Europe appear to display small changes in orientation and this has puzzled archaeologists. They were picked up by geophysical magnetic measurements. In a new study they are said to be due to 'pseudo-neglect' - on the observation that healthy people prefer their left visual field rather than the right. They are inclined to divide a line regularly left of centre.

11 Jan 2020

Christopher Columbus, and other early settlers in the Caribbean, spoke about the indigenous islanders and described the Caribs as a fierce tribe that abducted women and cannibilised men (referring to attacks by Caribs on Arawak communities). These stories have been dismissed by modern commentators as a myth - implying Columbus was telling porkies. It fits in well with the modern mantra that cannibals did not exist except in the prejudiced minds of the early settlers.

17 Jan 2020
Solar Minimum Consequences

Robert sent in the link ...

17 Jan 2020
Transparent Crystals

At ... ultra high piezo electricity in crystals causes them to become transparent - is this another feature of electricity in Earth and beyond Earth. In an experiment, AC electricity was added to a ferro electric piezoelectric crystal and it caused an enhanced effect, contrary to mainstream ideas. See

17 Jan 2020
Phosphorus and Life

at .. which comes with lots of very interesting comments. Astronomers reveal an interstellar thread of one of life's building blocks - phosphorus. It is present in human and animal DNA and cell membranes  and is an essential element of life, we are told. Phosphorus is also in the food we eat - such as meat and dairy products. How it arrived on Earth is presented as a mystery that has now been solved by astronomers.

17 Jan 2020
Horses and Volcanoes

Robert sent in this link too - ... which provides images from the recent eruption in the Phillippines. Robert says the gruesome images hint at the scale of catastrophism required to form fossils. In one image, below, we can see faint stratified layers in the volcanic deposit partiallly burying a horse - which gives an idea how polystrate fossils formed. Various other farm animals were also overcome by the hot ash and people seem to have fled leaving livestock behind. The horses had been used to carry tourists up to the summit for the view.

17 Jan 2020
Sea Levels

At ... I could have posted this under geology but the link is to a climate sceptic site in Germany. The claim is that 19 papers were published in 2019 affirming sea level was metres higher than today between 8 and 4 thousand years ago. Pierre Gosselin says this is an onslaught of paleo climate evidence for warmer than now Mid Holocene climate. Something was distinctly different back then.

19 Jan 2020
A Living Fossil

At ... a living fossil may upend a basic tent of evolutionary theory. Courtesy of a UC of San Franscisco research team. Natural selection,  it seems, also occurs at the level of the epigenome (a term that refers to an assortment of chemical annotations to the genome that determine whether, when, and to what extent, genes are activated.

19 Jan 2020
Death of the Dinosaurs

At ... in death of the dinosaurs it was all about the asteroid - not the volcanoes. At last, some realism.  Yale assistant professor of geology and geophysics Pincilli Hull, and her colleagues, argue in a paper in the journal Science, that environmental impacts from massive volcanic eruptions in India (the Deccan Traps) occurred before the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary and therefore did not contibute to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

19 Jan 2020
Solar Flares and Scorching Gases

At ... (and see ... at the back end of 2017 a massive new region of magnetic activity produced a series of potent solar flares causing turbulent space weather conditions on earth. These were the first flares to be captured, moment by moment, by the Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array radio telescope.