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23 Feb 2020

This discovery sufaced a couple of weeks ago and may already have been mentioned but here is a new link - ... archaeologists from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago were involved in the discovery at the lost city, near the modern village of Turkmen-Karahoyuk, in southern Turkey. A local farmer directed them to a huge stone with a strange inscription ...

23 Feb 2020
What are cities and towns

At ... ancient 'megasites' may reshape what we think is the history of urban life - and how towns and cities evolved. The spotlight is on a small village in the Ukraine set amidst rolling hills and green fields. It seems it was not always a quiet back alley. Beneath the surface of the surrounding landscape there are the remnants of a megasite - a spaced out settlement unlike a town or city archaeologists might usually find on mounds and tells.

24 Feb 2020

At .... the title of this piece, the start of the dogocene is dated 'at least' 28,500 years ago. The dogocene = the emergence of domesticated canids (whether from  wolves or what). This date derives from a set of teeth from the Czech Republic which suggests two sets of canids, one dog like and the other, wolf like. This is consistent with the domestication of dogs and the emergence of a genetic shift.

24 Feb 2020

We've had a rash of fireball reports recently, in different parts of the world. We begin with one that ocurred  in September last year above Germany. At Flensberg a citizen found a stone weighing 24.5g on the lawn of his back garden, bearing a black fusion crust. It was carbonaceous - but not your usual sort. It contains minerals - silicates and carbonnites (see ) ...

27 Feb 2020
Toba Survival

At .... human populations survived with little effect, the so called Toba life ending super volcano that erupted 74,000 years ago. Another study on the subject, this time with firm archaeological evidence to back it up. It seems the Toba super volcano was not as devastating as previously allowed - and neither did it cause a human bottleneck. It seems like they may have to look elsewhere for a bottleneck - if one exists.

27 Feb 2020
What a Beauty

   ... Denmark has been enjoying the huge amounts of rainfall we have been experiencing in the UK. The image shown was taken by photographer Ruslan Merzlakov on February 23rd, 2020, on a footpath that was flooded (near the Uggerby River). In fact, the footpath looks like a river, so much rain has fallen on sodden ground. In fact, the actual footpath is nigh on invisible - so much water on the surface of the ground.

27 Feb 2020
Jupiter Peering

From Earth to Mars - and now we have Jupiter. Link sent in by Robert - beginning with ... which amounts to more results coming in from the Juno mission. The full paper, for those interested, is at

27 Feb 2020
Giant Armadillos

At .... massive shellls of extinct Pleistocene armadillos have been found in Argentina. In fact, a graveyard of giant armadillos - found in a dried out river bed near Buenos Aires. Well, actually the graveyard is subject to hype as there were four of them - two adults and two youngsters (a family group that had been terminated and buried together). The link was provided by Robert once again ...

27 Feb 2020

At .... archaeology at Megiddo - Biblical Armageddon. The last battle - the last conflagration etc. The mound of the city is SE of Haifa, not far from Nazareth. The mound is composed of 20 cities (built on top of each other, very often after one of them was destroyed in a conflagration). It began life around 5000BC. In other  words, Megiddo has experienced a number of armageddons - and a final one as the mound was abandoned in the 3rd century AD. Why did it become the focal battle of Revelation?

29 Feb 2020
Geological Heat Factor

At ... one of the favourite alarmist memes is that of ocean warming - and ocean warming off the east coast of the US has been a happy hunting ground for them. Well, it seems reality is kicking in - overriding climate change dogma. The geology of the region is very interesting - in more ways than one. There is a large continental shelf system making for a fairly shallow sea off the coast  of North America. It has been dry land at various points in the geological past.