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24 Jul 2021
A Knotty Problem

At ... unravelling a knotty problem of activity on the sun by untwisting and twisting magnetic field lines.

26 Jul 2021
Greening Sahara

There are some interesting reads in the latest issue of Current World Archaeology [108 August 2021] - see past issues at - but one that I always make a beeline for is Chris Catling's column - see page 60 and 61. It concerns climate change and archaeology - in the Sahara. During Late Pleistocene. For example, he quotes a recent paper that claimed there was evidence that violence broke out due to climate change, after archaeologists re-examined a cemetery on the Nile that dated back to 13,400 years ago.

30 Jul 2021
Lights at Black Hole

At ... peering at X-rays flaring out of a black hole 800 million light years away, a series of smaller flashes of light were seen. They are thought to be a reflection of the main X-ray flare - but are they?

30 Jul 2021
Jiggling the Pokery

William sends me the odd climate change link but the subject comes with a lot of dedicated true believers and anything to the contrary is also subject to a bit of hyperbole. However, at ... which is a nice take on the conflict within climate science. Likewise, the story is not fully proved and the other side can themselves, take some comfort. Could the Pacific Northwest heat wave and the European floods have been caused by the Sun? A good question.

7 Aug 2021
Information gleaned from a small core of rock at Stonehenge

This story is at ... and ... Back in  1958, during restoration work at Stonehenge, one of the uprights was found to be cracked. Three cylindrical cores were drilled out of the stone. One of them was kept as a souvenir by a chap who later emigrated to the US, taking the core with him. Later, the stone was returned, when he was in his 90s, some 60 years later. It has a tale to tell.

7 Aug 2021
The Griffin

William sent in the link ... geomythology has produced some very interesting parallels between, shall we say, geology and legends. However, it can also be an excuse to stretch the imagination. In this piece from Marshall University we begin with the Greek legend of the Titans in which Zeus and the gods vanquish the older generation of immortals, as recorded by Hesiod. It goes on to suggest it had something to do with the eruption of the Thera volcano in the Aegean.

7 Aug 2021
Horseshoe Crab

I think we have been here before but William sent in this link to ... a recent discovery of a 310 million year old horseshoe crab with its brain intact has got some paleontologists in a whirl. It seems the central nervous system of this very old creature is closely comparable to that of living horseshoe crabs, even the arrangement of nerves to the eyes and appendages. It also has the same crustal opening for the oesophagus to pass through - which is quite remarkable, they say.

7 Aug 2021
Secrets of Jupiter

Probably already done this one as well but see ... an international team of scientists have explained the mechanism behind Jupiter's atmospheric heating, or that is the claim. Jupiter's powerful aurorae are responsible for the planet wide heating.

14 Aug 2021
Arthur's Stone

The block of upland between the Herefordshire Golden Valley and the Wye river valley is fast becoming revealed as the hosts of an integrated Neolithic ceremonial landscape. See ... Arthur's Stone has a massive capstone raised on a series of supporting but lesser stones. However, the monument, it seems, originally extended into a field to the south of the tomb. It had first been a long mound, or barrow, comprised of stacked turf retained by a palisade of upright wooden posts surrounding the mound.

14 Aug 2021
Moon and Magnetism

Sent in by Gary ... fresh analysis of Apollo moon rocks suggest the moon did not have a magnetic field of its own. Researchers analysed impact glass like rock dated just 2 million years ago and found a magnetic field was present as the rock cooled and solidified. However, it is thought by that time the moon's magnetic field should have weakened -as it is absent in the modern world. Another piece of consensus science has taken a battering - literally as well.