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23 Dec 2020
Mummified wolf pup

At ... water is used to blast Alaskan muck by gold mining operations. This one is in the  Yukon rather than Alaska but it was all part of the same process of muck formation by huge tsunami waves at the end of the last Ice Age. Gold mining in the Yukon long ago ran out of gold nuggets in gravel in rivers easily explored by human hands.

23 Dec 2020
A Whale of a Blue

At ... the article comes with some images of  whales, courtesy of an environmental society in Oman. A new population of blue whales has been discovered in the western Indian Ocean, off the southern coast of the Arabian peninsular. Blue whales are found in oceans around the world and are known for the low pitched sounds they make. Every population has a distinct set of sounds, a song pattern. The whales were discovered by the sounds they were making - a new pattern. It was a distinctive signature.

23 Dec 2020
Giant Crocodile

A prehistoric crocodile, 5m in length, lived in SE Queensland wetland evirons for most of the last 55 million years. Its skull measured around 65cm and it is estimated it would have been roughly the size of a modern Ino-Pacific crocodile, as far as length is concerned. However, teh prehistoric crocodile had bigger biting and munching capabilities. Crocodiles have been a feature of Australasia  for a long time, and are still regarded as a dangeerous hazard. TGhey appear to have survived the K/t boundaray event [or K/Pg as it is now known].

23 Dec 2020
Secrets in the Sands

Hidden in the  sands of Arabia are archaeological surprises. See ... and these include ancient stone carvings and evidence of a land that once was greener, wetter, and occupied extensively by humans. Salma Hawsawi, a professor of ancient history at the King Saud University, says the peninsular lay at a crossroads of human comings and goings. In the first millennium BC the southern region prospered, one kingdom after another. These included the famous Shebam Qataban, Himyar, Awan and Hadramaut etc.

23 Dec 2020
Ocean Acidification

This doesn't concern modern doom mongering but real ocean acidifiction, in the remoter past. Back in the Cretaceous period - and perhaps related to a catastrophic event of some kind. In the Early Cretaceous there is evidence of an ocean anoxic event - oxygen deprivation. An entire family of coean dwelling nannoplankton appear to have been wiped out - almost. Calcium and strontium isotopes in their fossils have linked it to an igneous episode, we are told, the Ontong Java Plateau province eruption.

18 Dec 2020
Land of Punt

The whereabouts of Punt have long exercised the minds of revisionists ever since Velikovsky proposed that it referred to the Holy Land = the southern Levant. SIS has over the last 40 years or so published numerous articles on the subject and these have swung to and fro with the later views coming to rest pretty firmly in the orthodox court = Punt was somewhere in NE Africa, reached by way of the Red Sea. In spite of that there are still the occasional letters and missives in support of Velikovsky, and there is no reason why that should not continue.

18 Dec 2020
Irish Dinosaur Remains

Ireland does not seem to have many rock strata from the Jurassic or Cretaceous and has until now been devoid of dinosaur remains. A story in The Times of London from November 25th 2020 had an interesting piece sent in by Paul. An amateur fossil hunter picked up a black stone from a beach strewn with dark basalt pebbles in Co Antrim some 30 years ago. It went into his fossil collection together with another odd piece of rock which turned out to be petrified bone he came upon a year later.

18 Dec 2020
Rival to Dark Matter

The majority of cosmologists appear to have opted for dark matter as a way of explaining the odd behaviour of distant galaxies. However, there has been another option on the table for the last nearly 40 years. It has now been revived and given a dusting down. Stacey McGaugh and team [an international group of scientists] have come up with modified gravity - see ... where the rival idea is said to explain why distant galaxies so not appear to conform with Newtonian gravity.

16 Dec 2020
Genghis didn't do it apparently

Gary sent in the link ... climate change was responsible for the collapse of farming cultures in central Asia in the 12th and 13th centuries AD, rather than the real culprit, Genghis Khan. This is the new science it would seem. The Medieval Warm Period toppled long established agricultural communities around the Aral Sea basin and the delta of the Amu Darya etc. This is a projection back into history if the headlines in the Daily Mail are to be believed.

16 Dec 2020
Earth's Magnetic Field History

At ... this is one of those stories about a break through that may reveal more than what was intended. It seems the fiery demise of Near Eastern towns preserved on tells, mainly consisting of mud bricks sorched and burnt by excessive heat, might become, inadvertently, a new area of research. Destruction events are actually a source of knowledge we are told, when it comes to the magnetic field. Ancient upheavals preserve information and can be used to pin down the timeline of history, especially in the Iron Age.