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29 Dec 2011

Hannibal, with his elephants, crossed the Alps and descended on the plains of northern Italy and over the course of the next 12 years fought a series of major battles with the Romans. In 2011 he was actually at the gates of Rome, and had defeated Roman armies and was a potent threat - but within a few years he had retreated to the heel of Italy, and then to Cathage itself, finally defeated by the Romans - but was  there an underlying reason for why his fortunes went into decline?

29 Dec 2011
An epidemic at Amarna? ... Magdalenenburg, Easter Island and the Lion Gate at Tell Tayinat

Occurring in an offhand manner in the middle of an article, without any kind of follow-up or inquisitive turn of mind. In the Australian magazine, Archaeological Diggings Sept 2011, volume 18:4 page 29, it tells us that a large cemetary has been found at Amarna during recent excavation and exploration of the ancient city of Akhnaton, apparently a burial place of the poor as we are told the graves were simple ... but adding the fact that a large number of people there were buried at an early age, possibly as a result of an epidemic. Really.

27 Dec 2011
Maya controversy and Mount Ararat

At ... in this instance, Georgia in SE North America, on the opposite of the Caribbean to the Maya peoples of Yucatan and Belize, etc. The airing of this story has revealed a deep seated controversy with academics on one side, seeing the mound builders, and related structures, as purely an indigenous North American development - after all, mounds occur in many prehistoric cultures, especially in the old world, and do not necessarily involve migration (of people or ideas).

24 Dec 2011
The Meaning of Vedas

Yes, back to that interesting web site, which is an attempt to explain Indian mythology in the context of catastrophism. In chapter 18 the significance of the year 3102BC is emphasized. In Indian belief this year marked the beginning of a new era, the Kali Yuga. Tradition claimed that the planets Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, were all situated near the nakshatria Revati.

23 Dec 2011
Dr Gerald Pollack

Dr Gerald Pollack, author of 'Cells, Gels, and the Engine of Life' (2001), the subject being the electrical substructure of Life, is the latest recruit to the Las Vegas EU conference in January. He will present, 'the science of life in an electric universe'. Robert Johnson will also speak - but hurry, there is not a long time to go. Details of the conference can be viewed at and to register go to

23 Dec 2011
The T/J extinction event

The boundary between the Triassic and the Jurassic coincided with a major extinction of species - but what caused this to happen? Scientists are now looking at the possibility of an impact from space - see No obvious crater has been found but distortion of the geological layering has been found, a signature of a violent event of some kind. The rocks of Britain are especially rich in Jurassic remains - even within inland counties. However, the boundary event can be seen quite clearly below cliffs in Antrim, and in Somerset and South Wales.

22 Dec 2011
Real temperatures and Model temperatures

Some excellent posts on the rising differentials between real world temperatures and those of the climate models - the gap is growing by the week. Meanwhile, modellers are desperate to thwart the reality of a cool summer in South Africa and Australia and an impending blizzard sweeping across the US by claiming we are in an unusually warm year - and nobody believes them anymore.

21 Dec 2011
The comet that grazed the Sun and survived

This story, with a video to view, can be found at after various satellites witnessed Comet Lovejoy fly close to the surface of the Sun and emerge intact. Of course, the orthodox explanation that comets have an icy core is what baffled and surprised scientists - how could a dirty snowball survive such a close encounter? The obvious answer is that it was not an icy body - but rocky (just like those comets spacecraft have filmed in deeper space). Its surprising really just how attached people are to the dirty snowball hypothesis.

21 Dec 2011
Dating the birth of Christ - seeing as it's christmas

It is recognised there is uncertainty on when the modern dating system kicked in and if AD1 has any connection with the Birth of Christ - not least the various talks and articles by Steve Mitchell and Lawrence Dixon on dating systems in the Roman and post-Roman periods, as published in SIS publications and during member meetings (last autumn for example). Now, consensus would have you believe there is nothing amiss but someone else has been doing some digging around - not spending a great deal of time on the subject, however, but enough to put a spanner in the works - so to speak.

21 Dec 2011
Whales in the desert sands of Chile

The discovery of 80 whales buried in the Atacama desert of northern Chile during the building of a highway has reappeared as a post at - sent in by SIS member William Thompson of Massachusetts (but see also and ). Look at all three sites as there are some wonderful pictures.