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17 Aug 2011
More cold water poured on AGW science

This time it emanates from a paper by Lindzen and Choi - see and claims c02 influences global temperature on a much lower scale than consensus climate science allow. In fact, their conclusion is that current modelling exaggerates climate sensitivity - some of the models, greatly so. The full paper can also be accessed at Lindzen's personal web space at

14 Aug 2011

Gary Gilligan has sent in another link, this time to an article and on-line book on flint mythology (go to where there is an abstract of the paper  and where you can also download (via Scribd) some 500 pages of text (including notes) on the subject. Or you can of course trawl down and print out individual pages at your leasure (scanning the document as you go).

14 Aug 2011
Sun spot cycles

At ... at Thunderbolts forums a member comments on the current cycle of low sun spot activity and wonders what this might mean - less solar output? Low sun spot cycles are known historically but what do they imply from the angle of the Electric Universe theory. Less power in = less power out? A weakening of the Sun's protective sheaf? which might mean more energetic cosmic rays bombarding the solar system and therefore interacting with the atmosphere of the earth.

12 Aug 2011
The zodiacal light, meteor streams, and dark matter - is it an illusion?

At (April 15th 2010) is a piece on the dust between planets that scatters sunlight. Its origins are in comets according to Nesvorny and Jennisken (April 20th, The Astrophysical Journal). The zodiacal dust cloud is regularly replenished.

12 Aug 2011
Gary Gilligan

Gary Gilligan informs an update to his web site, the subject aurorae and the Egyptian ram-headed god, Amun. He is often depicted as a human wearing distinctive plumed auroral headgear and Gary is of the opinion he represents Mars (or the god known as Mars to the Romans). Go to 

11 Aug 2011
Life from Space

At ... the headline reads, 'DNA building blocks can be made in space, NASA evidence suggests' while at it is 'Meteorites Tool kits for creating life on earth' and the same story appears all over the blogosphere, even at - which has some interesting comments including one that simply says this is a bit more information to confirm an already existing hypothesis.

11 Aug 2011
The Lion at Tayinat

At ... we are back to the ongoing excavations at Tell Tayinat and the discovery of a monumental city gate that incorporated, among other things, a crouching lion sculpture. Tayinat is thought to be the citadel of Kunulua, the capital of the neo-Hittite kingdom of Patina, and securely dated to the Iron Age (and thrived between 950-725BC). However, the city citadel gateway is remarkably reminiscent of a similar gateway excavated by Woolley at the Hittite city of Carchemish, dating from the Late Bronze Age.

11 Aug 2011
Roaming planets ... again

At a variety of blogs, for example at , we have this story that is basically a paper that purports to explain the discovery of planets unattached to star systems, lots of them. A new theory has inevitably been devised by (experts, according to the Daily Mail reporter). They suggest such planets may have been ejected from solar systems by supernova events (the explosion of stars).

11 Aug 2011
Cooking the atmosphere

There is another interesting post at Cosmic Tusk ( which dates back to April 2010, a guest blog by Rodney Chilton, a Canadian climate scientist and the author of 'Sudden Cold: An examination of the Younger Dryas cold reversal' - go to web site and look down RH menu for past posts, a number of which are archived. The titles you want come under Guest Blogs, one of which is by Rod Chilton. Click link.

10 Aug 2011
Tsunami in 1014AD - struck Britain and Caribbean

At ... not just in 1014AD but on a number of occasions in the first millennium BC and beyond. Dallas Abbott's co-authors included Simon Haslett of the University of Wales. We did at one time try and get him to speak to us but at the time he was unavailable but was willing to speak at a future date. The paper itself can be downloaded from Cosmic Tusk (above) in pdf format, saved and printed out (24 pages including notes).