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3 Jun 2011

Willis Eschenbach at raises an interesting point. Extinction events in the past have involved lots of dead bodies and fossils in rocks - but where are the dead bodies of the modern AGW induced extinction event?

3 Jun 2011
How old are the Niagara Falls

In Earth in Upheaval , page 139-141, Velikovsky says, that Lake Agassiz, a large glacial lake that once covered the region at present occupied by Lake Winnepeg, Lake Manitoba, and a number of other lakes in Canada as well as part of the North Central States to the south, was formed when the ice sheet melted buts its sediment indicates it had a life of less than a thousand years - before dissipating (presumably by rivers).

2 Jun 2011
The Marlborough Pudding

It has been common knowledge that the pudding shaped mound in the grounds of Marlborough College was probably a smaller version of Silbury Hill. It is now official - see and and was built in mid third millennium BC. A thousand years ago it became the base of a Norman castle and somewhat later, in the 17th century, was garden landscaped as an oddity.

31 May 2011
Holographic Dark Information Energy

This story with the same title is at comes from Universe Today - which is a touch sceptical. A chap called Gough has suggested that in an expanding universe there is, concomitant, a loss of information. As such, this should release dissipated energy - and the dissipated energy is the dark energy component that is thought to exist in space. However, what is exactly being mathematically modelled?

31 May 2011
The Hockey just won't go away

This story is at is by Willis Eschenbach. It homes in on the hockey stick climate model which seems to have a life of its own. In spite of being discredited over and over again it keeps on sparking back into life. Why? That is the question Eschenbach seeks to answer.

28 May 2011
Drowned in India

At ... is a rather garbled report of the discovery of what looks like a wall that is submerged off the coast of India. It has been calculated, via sea level change, to date as old as 6000BC - is the claim. It implies this was the last point in which global sea levels rose dramatically. However, the author speaks as if it is contemporary with the Indus Valley civilisation (which flourished after 3000BC).

28 May 2011
Music by Lightning

This story is at ... and the artificial production of lightning via Tesla coils - on stage. The Open Spark project produces music out of lightning - available on video.

27 May 2011
Olivine falling as rain

At ... tiny crystals of a green mineral called olivine are falling down like rain on a star observed by NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope. Astronomers aren't sure how such crystals got to be where they are - but jets of gas are projected as a likely culprit.

27 May 2011
Games people Play

The Los Angeles Times in 1979 quoted two scientists ( a professor of engineering and a research scientist in geochemistry) that had taken an interest in past, present, and future climate trends. They predicted, in one of those eerie prophecies, that 1980-2000 would be much warmer than 1950-1980 - but this would be followed by cooling. This is exactly what has happened - so far. They used past proxy climate data, such as ice cores and tree rings, to reach their conclusion. This is just like alarmist AGW climate scientists that claim to use similar data.

25 May 2011
Mounds ... on flood plains

Len Saunders, SIS member and contributor (see ) thought Silbury Hill was constructed in response to heavy rainfall and abnormal flooding of the Kennet Valley, a view that is repeated in an article at but in this instance, on the other side of the pond. Flooding on the Mississippie flood plain is in the news at the moment, some levies being deliberately dismantiled to avoid the drowning of big urban centres such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge.