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11 Mar 2021
Zodiacal Dust

Another big story this past week, picked up by Robert, William, and Gary. See for example ...which led both Robert and Gary to think in terms of Mars as a former comet, aka Velikovsky. It also raises ideas outlined by Donald Wesley Patten, the American author of several books in which Mars played a prominent role. However, the research at the link had nothing like this in mind. Mars is a dusty planet - and bone dry.

9 Mar 2021
Pesky Apophis

Apophis, the space rock at the heart of Nicholas Costa's book, 'Adam to Apophis' is in the news at ... [March 8th 2021]. On April 13th, in the year of 2029, Apophis will pay a close visit to the earth - so close we will be able to see it with naked eye vision. Not only that, it is scheduled to come close again, in 2036. Perhaps it has come close in years gone by.

9 Mar 2021
The Beam of the Moon

This one is good. Sent in by Gary who provided the link to ... it seems the moon has a comet like tail, is the clcik bait. However, it is somewhat different when we read further. The comet like tail is actually invisible to human eyesight but it exists as every month it shoots a beam around the earth. To explain this scientists suggest sodium atoms from meteors smacking on to the moon's surface collide with photons from the sun and in doing so create the tail like structure, flowing downstream from the moon.

9 Mar 2021
The Apostles that have the wrong date.

This was forwarded by Petra Larsson of Sweden and is reprinted as written. It conerns a story a couple of weeks ago regarding the bones of two apostles that were scientifically dated but came up a couple of hundred years too recent.

3 Mar 2021
How Many

How many meteors land on earth, a link sent in by Gary ... which concerns the discovery of a meteor or asteroid impact in the Kalahari Desert - or the chunk of that desert that extends into Namibia [formerly SW Africa]. It is known as the Red Comb crater. An astronaut onboard the International Space Station took a photograph of it. It is about 130m in depth and 25km in diameter. A mean beast. They claim the impact involved a cosmic object as big as a large motor vehicle.

3 Mar 2021
Dark Age Saints

Dark age saints are mainly found in the Celtic west of Britain and in Ireland, from Cornwall to the western isles. There is an interesting piece of verbaige at ... but I suppose the rest of Britain also had its share of saints, from St Alban to St Cuthbert. Mind you, these saints were possibly influenced by the Celtic Church, which was the major centre of Christianity in Britain and Ireland until Rome sent Augustine to introduce a rival priestly tradition. Henceforth, Canterbury took centre stage.

2 Mar 2021
Centaur or Comet, LD2

At ... a comet makes a pit stop near Jupiter, joining the team of Trojan asteroids orbiting in conjunction with the big planet - see also   .... astronomers have detected a roaming comet taking a rest near Jupiter. It has settled near a family of captured asteroids known as the Trojans that are co-orbiting alongside Jupiter.

1 Mar 2021
White Stuff

No, not the white snow that alarmists claim we should not  be seeing as it should have come to an end. That is global warming stuff out of the sky. No, white chalk. Gary sent in a link to ... which seems to show somebody at the Guardian has swallowed a geology book on southern England. Problem is, he has missed out all the good bits. The oddities. Why is it so pristine white for example. Where has the rest of it gone and why only a bit has survived.

1 Mar 2021
Missing Regular Matter

William sent in a link to ... not dark matter which continues to elude detection but regular baryonic matter. We are told scientists are baffled as to where it all has gone. Did anyone know it was missing? It seems some astronomers think they have found some of the regular baryonic matter - in the  form of snow clouds [of hydrogen]. They found it in the Milky Way and the findings were published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

1 Mar 2021
Magnetic Fields Outflow

At ... outflow from magnetic fields, on extragalactic jets, can form a variety of shapes. Electron density maps of plasma outflow can form a misaligned magnetic field - but not a large misalignment. In other words, the flow of electrons from magnetic plasma, on a galactic scale, is confirmed.