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28 Oct 2010

At Oct 27th ... astronomers have discovered lots of buckyballs in space - small carbon spherules. The Spitzer Telescope has found them in association with dying stars (but see the blog of Nigel Calder who earlier in the year had a post on buckyballs).

28 Oct 2010
A new theory on Silbury Hill

At ... it seems the author of this piece has taken up the meme that it was the construction process that was important - not the finished monument. This rather weird deduction is made out of desperation it could be argued but bear with the facts - after all a book has been written on the new theory.

28 Oct 2010
The Scutum

The Scutum is a constellation at the throbbing heart of the Milky Way. At Oct 27th Casey Kazan reports that at the core of the Milky Way there is a monster star cluster. This is Scutum and it includes among its numbers fourteen red supergiants and they emit great bursts of X-rays and gamma rays that according to a new theory are being created by dark matter. Yes, the dark stuff that is so difficult to detect.

27 Oct 2010
The 300/200BC event

We now have the 300/200BC event (see ... Dallas Abbot, a geologist based at Columbia University in New York, says an asteroid 183m wide crashed off the coast of New Jersey and sent a tsunami surging across what is now New York city over 2000 years ago.

27 Oct 2010
Insects in Amber pose a few problems for geochronology

Again, at ... in this instance, amber found in India. The cache of insects is said to indicate India was not isolated for millions of years out of reach of the rest of the world.

26 Oct 2010
A volcano, tropics under the ice, and Ice Age vegetation - under the sea

At ... the Java volcano, Merapi,  is about to blow, it seems, and the countryside is on high alert. Meanwhile an earthquake of the coast of Sumatra created a tsunami a day ago. There were 500 volcanic related earthquakes in the region over the weekend.

26 Oct 2010
Strange Supernovae, Water on the Moon, and an asteroid that struck Australia

The following three articles all come from one day at 26th October ... the first says robotic telescopes have turned attention to strange exploding stars that seem to indicate unusual physics. One supernova in particular cannot be explained by known mechanics or physics. Observation has been done by a variety of different telescopes and it seems it is devoid of oxygen and carbon but is rich in helium.

24 Oct 2010
Little Big Horn

At ... is an account of the story pieced together from later Indian memories. Adapted from The Killing of Crazy Horse Thomas Powers (2010).


24 Oct 2010
Comet Hartley - fast approaching meeting

At is a report on the space mission  scheduled to have a close encounter with Comet Hartley in November. However, even now observations indicate the comet is not behaving as it should do in respect of the consensus model of comet behaviour. It was seen to increase the release of cyanide fourfold over an 8 day period in September - without an increase in dust emissions. It is not known why this happened.

22 Oct 2010
Keeping Neandertals brutish

At ... it seems that archaeologists have new decided the major site at Aray-sur-Cure in central France, the so called reindeer cave, is so jumbled up - Neanderthal remains and artefacts mixed with those of Homo sapiens, the site should be disqualified from the debate over Neanderthal mental attributes and symbolism. The problem has been caused by new radio carbon dating at the site.