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18 Jul 2020
Gary, William and Robert

Gary, William and Robert have been sending in links, often to the same stories. The next four posts are links sent in by them.

18 Jul 2020
Close up images of the sun

At ... a photograph of the sun, at the closest point ever ...

18 Jul 2020
Flares and Earthquakes

At ... earthquakes could be triggered by streams of postively charged ions ejected by solar flares on the  solar surface - according to a new study. Is this a case of pseudo science becoming mainstream science. Piers Corbyn was laughed out of court when he said something similar a few years ago. Researchers in Rome studied a link between solar eruptions and earthquakes and found within 24 hourse of a coronal mass ejection earthquakes in several locations somewhere on the earth seemed to happen.

18 Jul 2020
Storegga Tsunami Wave

The final one of four sent in by Gary, William and Robert - see for example ... the claim is that new evidence has been found of a massive tsunami that drowned the southern basin of the North Sea (known as Doggerland). It followed the Storegga collapse off the coast of Norway. It has been given the title of the Storegga Slide event. An area of sea bed the size of Scotland, including a lot of sediment on the sea floor, shifted abruptly and slid into a trench system that runs down the spine of the North Sea basin, wider at the northern end.

18 Jul 2020
Comet Neowise

   ... Image of Comet Neowise taken by Jeff Dai of Ankong in China. The comet is becoming dimmer as it travels away from the Sun but the tail is still significant as a feature of the sky as it approaches Ursa Major. It will be naked eye visible in the coming week. After that, who knows. See (Saturday 18th July 2020).

18 Jul 2020
A Sort of Supernova

A blast from a white dwarf star caused it to shoot itself out of its orbit in a 'partial' supernova event. It is now travelling towards the Milky Way. The research was done at the University of Warwick - see ... and ... and the big question being asked is, are there more stars crossing our galaxy that we don't know about? How many of them might there be in transit and how would you know where they may be located.

18 Jul 2020
Carnian Pluvial Episode

The word pluvial is usually associated with water - a watery environment. The Wranglia is a large igneous province that spewed out lots of greenhouse gases - or volcanic gases to be more exact. Climate shifted in association with the Wranglia, leading eventually to a warmer world that was wetter, and humid. This was the Carnian Pluvial Episode. So, we have a massive tectonic event and evidence of a watery landscape. Where might we have heard that before. See ...

16 Jul 2020
Point Sources

Over the past ten years a number of studies have detected what is thought to be an excess of gamma ray radiation at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The source and the reasons why are unknown. Various explanations have been offered, which include dark matter annihilation, or a population of 'point sources' (sources of energy). It seems it is now being suggested we have a new kind of cosmic object - dim point sources. A new phenomenon in which to hang the excess gamma ray radiation. Hey presto ! Excess disappears, Equilibrium resurrected.

16 Jul 2020
Tumuli in the Pacific

An archaeological mystery. Tumuli in the islands of New Caledonia - courtesy of the latest issue of Popular Archaeology - see ... We are talking about mounds rather than tumuli as the latter term is usually applied to grave mounds (although Ordnance Survey maps have tumuli for any mound unexcavated which the surveyors have spotted, which may include windmill mounds for example. On the face of it tumuli is probably the right terminology in spite of what the author of the press release says.

16 Jul 2020
Mezmaiskaya Cave

The Mezmaiskaya cave is important as far as Neanderthals are concerned, and their replacement by modern humans - see ... five new genomes tell us about Neanderthal tribes. The Mezmaiskaya cave offered shelter to Neanderthals for thousands of years. The cave is located near Russia's border with Georgia in the Caucasus. No evidence of mixing with modern humans was found. The two groups are separated by a catstrophic layer of ash. At ...